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RIDE (2018)

Run Time: 5:46
A Film By: Paul Bush
Producer: Paul Bush, Abi Feijó
Executive Producer: Phil Davies
Key Cast: several hundred motorcycles


‘What is so extraordinary about this body of work is the passionate clarity of the ideas that fuel it and the formal precision of the narrative and cinematographic structures which allow the viewer in.’ – Leslie Dick

Paul Bush’s films challenge the boundaries that separate fiction, documentary and animation. His background in Fine Art is an influence on all his work and this is reflected in its inclusion in art collections and exhibitions as well as cinema distribution and television broadcast.


A five minute animated film photographed at a private collection of motorcycles situated in North Portugal. ‘Ride’ is a homage to 1950s motorcycle design in which hundreds of real motorbikes are animated frame by frame, as a rider departs on an idealized journey into the countryside.


Paul Bush Website

Watch THE MAKING OF ‘Ride’.



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