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Home Made Wall Of Death (TV 1979)

Run Time: 3:57
A Film By: P.M. Magazine, RTÉ ONE
Key Cast: Michael Donoghue, Connie Kiernan, Pat Kenny


P.M. was a magazine series reporting on aspects of Irish life with interludes for music from Irish performers. P.M. first began on Tuesday, 20 September, 1977 and ran until Thursday, 12 April, 1979. This episode of P.M. was broadcast on 27 March 1979.


Two motor cycle enthusiasts have built a wall of death in Granard, Co Longford.

Having your own personal wall of death may seem unusual, but not for these two men from Granard who became the inspiration for the film ‘Eat the Peach’.

Reporter Pat Kenny talks to Michael Donoghue and Connie Kiernan about how the wall of death came about, and what it’s like to live next to it. The ‘Wall of Death’ inspired the film ‘Eat the Peach’ (1986). The film tells the story of two young Irish men transfixed by an Elvis Presley film in which a carnival cyclist performs an act on the wall of death and decide to put together their own wall of death. Pat Kenny went on to star as a reporter in the film.


Eat The Peach (1986)

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