As part of the buildup to our Electric Revolution Live event in May 2022 (a follow-up of our Electric Revolution exhibit at the Petersen Museum), we are ramping up reportage on the EV scene via The Current.  It’s an ever-evolving, even frantic, landscape of electric vehicles, and it can be tough to keep abreast of all the latest bikes, batteries, and news constantly flooding the market. That’s why we’ve re-launched our weekly EV News Roundup to bring you cherry-picked stories that matter to you.

Happy 2022 dear readers and riders! We hope you rung in the New Year surrounded by friends, family, and lots of love. The first week of the year started off with a bang when Tesla’s Model S Plaid took on the Harley-Davidson LiveWire in the most silent drag race you’ve ever heard. We’re covering that story and loads more in our first EV news roundup of 2022. As always, shoot us a message at if you see an electrifying story that you think we should cover.

Let’s roll.

Tesla Model S Plaid vs HD LiveWire

Tesla Plaid vs Livewire…is not an apples to apples fight, as the Livewire is not designed for top speed like the Tesla Plaid. A better fight would be a Lightning LS2018? [Tesla Plaid Channel]
Earlier this week, a Tesla Model S Plaid was put to the test when it went head-to-head with the Harley-Davidson LiveWire e-Motorcycle. Hosted by the YouTube channel, Tesla Plaid Channel, the race was definitely a close one. Who do you think won? We’re not going to ruin the surprise, but you can check out all of the action here.

Hydrogen-Powered Cargo Bike

A hydrogen utility bike? An interesting concept by Studio Mom. [Studio Mom]

Studio MOM, a Dutch design company, was recently commissioned by the green energy firm, LAVO, to produce a bike powered by hydrogen. Originally intended to be a lightweight EV, the end product turned out to be a cargo bike instead. Studio MOM stands behind its decision and stated “Considering the basic weight of the system, we thought a cargo bike would be more logical. because long-range cargo solutions in particular require a lot of energy. then an extra hydrogen tank of 1.2 kg is surely preferable to an extra battery that weighs 6 kg.” Created as a modular device, the cargo bike is powered by LAVO’s innovative hydrogen battery that includes fuel cells that produce power through water and solar energy. Each battery holds 40kWh and is intended for both personal or business usage. Called “green hydrogen,” LAVO’s unique energy system is projected to become an alternative to “blue” or “grey” hydrogen and be healthier for the environment because it doesn’t produce CO2 and other dangerous particles.

NIU’s e-Bike Slated to Hit U.S. and European Markets

The BQi line of NIU eBikes is a hotrod in the USA, with a regulated 28mph top speed.  The Euro version tops out at 15.5mph…blah.  [Niu]

NIU, a Chinese e-Scooter and e-Moped company, will soon be rolling out its line of new BQi e-Bikes to American and European markets. The EV manufacturer, known for its pioneering smart electric scooters, has created a unique product unlike the rest of the fat tire or foldable e-Bikes out there. The BQi features an attractive step-through design, making it accessible to almost any rider. Its U-shaped frame makes it easier to both mount and handle the bike when its rear rack is loaded with packages or kids. The company estimates that the BQi’s dual batteries will offer 62 miles worth of range. While the European version will be able to reach a meandering 15.5mph, the folks here in the U.S. will enjoy a 500W motor that tops out at 28mph.

Arc Vector’s $120,000 e-Motorcycle Prepared for Deliveries

Something wicked this way comes. The ARC Vector is a hypersports eBike that builds an AI relationship with its owner. [ARC]
After near extinction, British e-Motorcycle company, Arc Vector, is preparing its fleet of luxury electric motorcycles for delivery. While the e-Motorbike was initially unveiled back in 2018 and priced at $120,000, disaster struck in 2019 and the company was forced to file for bankruptcy. A year later, Arc announced its return to operations. Now, the company states that it will start sending out the first units of motorcycles very, very soon. “We have a very healthy order book and customers are already going through our new commissioning suite in Central England to individually tailor each Vector motorcycle so that they are all unique,” Mark Truman, founder, CEO, and lead designer, said.

CAKE Set to Participate at the CES 2022 Show in Las Vegas

The new :work line of CAKE utility bikes emphasize function and delivery capabilities. Looks cool! A moto-Ute. [CAKE]
Swedish EV manufacturer, CAKE, is slated to participate in the CES 2022 Show in Las Vegas where the company will display its series of professional motorbikes for the first time in the U.S. Additionally, the company announced several enhancement updates to the bikes’ built-in connectivity capabilities, including customized ride modes, a ride history log, anti-theft security, and real-time riding information. “The CAKE work series offers the immediate potential of moving last-mile deliveries and mobile workforces away from traditional solutions for urban transportation, clearly exceeding the efficiency of both cars and bicycles, making this initiative our single most important contribution to date in speeding up the process towards a zero-emission society”, says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake. ”Above our efforts in delivering a bike that offers a clean and swift ride, our connectivity solutions add an extra layer of efficiency through riding data, measurability, control and unique settings – to both private riders commuting or racing, and fleet owners maximizing the output of their vehicles”.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


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