Back in December, Sweden-based EV motorcycle manufacturer, CAKE, announced that it would do its part to help combat endangered wildlife poaching in Africa with a line of silent solar-charged “bush bikes.”  A team of CAKE, Goal Zero (maker of off-grid solar-charging products), and the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC – a private college specializing in conservation education and training), have combined to put an end to rhino poaching.

The Kalk AP (Anti-Poaching) is silent and self sufficient, as it’s supplied with its own solar charging station. [CAKE]
They’ve dubbed the partnership the Electrical Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Act. “It is somewhat unreal how the sun and solar power, together with the technology of these silent off-road motorbikes can serve as something of a perpetual machine that works toward the general obligation of sustainability and, in this specific instance, to serve the purpose of saving species from extinction,” CAKE’s CEO and founder, Stefan Ytterborn, commented.

Stefan Ytterborn, CAKE’s founder and CEO, sending innovative and critical support from his tiny company to the much needed conservation group SAWC. [CAKE]
An estimated 30,000 species are thrust into extinction every year, with poaching being a main driver. Animals such as the black rhino, African elephant, lion, mountain gorilla, and imperial zebra are all gravely threatened by poachers. Rangers combing rural land to track and apprehend poachers mainly utilize dirt bikes for transportation. While these off-road bikes effortlessly navigate the unruly and unforgiving African terrain, their loud combustion engines can easily tip off poachers. Additionally, they need to constantly be refueled.

The Southern African Wildlife College has trained over 17,000 people across its various accredited programs and courses. This remarkable achievement was reached without any government subsidy, so support with transportation needs in their conservation efforts will make a real impact. [SAWC]
CAKE’s EV motorcycles harness the power of the sun to operate, and thus do not need helicopter support to be refueled and are completely self-sufficient. Their innovative electric engines hum at just above a whisper, enabling rangers to efficiently sneak up on and catch unsuspecting poachers. CAKE plans to present the complete bush bikes by the end of this month.

The SAWC serves the south-east corner of Africa, with a very large, multi-national preserves that are constantly under threat from poachers. [SAWC]
CAKE’s EV Food Delivery Box

Not only is CAKE working to protect endangered wildlife in Africa, but the EV motorbike manufacturer is also collaborating with Dometic to revolutionize food delivery services. Called The Dometic Food Delivery Box, the temperature-controlled electric-powered box will keep delicious meals at the perfect temperature during the “last mile” of the delivery journey. The delivery rider will also be able to keep a close eye on the food’s temperature through a connectivity feature.

Your dinner, delivered hot? [CAKE]
The box is specifically made for CAKE’s Osa EV motorcycle and connects directly to the same battery that powers the bike via an electric cord. CAKE’s Osa battery will allow both the vehicle and the food storage box to operate for up to four hours. The product is slated to launch this September.


Stephanie Weaver is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.
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