Hello dear readers and riders! Can you believe it’s already March? Time flies like and e-Moto on full throttle…This week’s EV news roundup includes two weirdly wonderful tricycle concepts, an electric Meyers Manx, fresh funds, and how some awesome folks oversees are showing their support for Ukraine via EV charging stations. As always, drop us a line at stephanie@thevintagent.com if you see something we should cover. Let’s roll.


Showing Support for Ukraine

There’s a war going on.  Sadly, there’s always a war going on, somewhere, and for most of the West, wars in the Middle East and Africa are sadly normalized in the media, and paid little attention.  War is always a tragedy, and a failure of our humanity.  We support the cessation of all warlike activities by all parties in all countries.  This week, Russia’s attack on Ukraine is dominating the news: this isn’t the space to dive into the complex history behind this invasion.  We uncategorically support the Ukranian people in their hour of suffering and bravery.   Several EV companies are taking direct action to support the Ukraninan people: Tesla is offering free power from their Supercharging stations for all EVs around Ukraine. This could help at least some people flee dangerous locations. Other Ukraine advocates are showing their support in more creative ways: earlier this week, some Russian EV charging stations were hacked to show a message reading “Slava Ukraini!” on their screens. This reportedly translates to “Glory to Ukraine!” Other stations are also displaying messages that support Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.  Small gestures that do not replace or repair lives, but who knows how or who they might help?


Wacky, Wonderful EV Tricycles

The Arcimoto has a laid-back stance and looks seriously cool with its disc wheels [Arcimoto]
Two fascinating new EVs that caught our attention this week are both tricycles.

Oregon-based startup Arcimoto dropped an awesome new full-suspension, three-wheeled EV this week dubbed the Mean Lean Machine (MLM). Harnessing tilting tech to corner like a two-wheeler, the MLM’s other specs, including range, features, and pricing, will be unveiled later this year.

Taito is an upgrade on the standup scooter with a wooden step and cool tech. [Taito]
Developed to be the more “grown-up” alternative to scooters and hoverboards, TAITO is a sleek three-wheeled EV that can conquer roads, sidewalks, gravel, and even cobblestone. Featuring an IP55 water-resistant construction, an 18.6-mile range, an innovative shock-absorbing bamboo platform, and supreme stability, this scooter is perfect for urban commuters who want to glide around town in style.


Tiny, But Mighty

Bolstering the new vehicle category of ultralight but fast off/road quasi-legal e-Bikes. [Revx]
The REVX is a sprightly, little e-Motorcycle that caters to both novice and performance riders. With a barely-there body weighing just 114 pounds, the REVX can reach max speeds of 60 to 90km/h and is powered by a lithium-ion 54v battery that offers 100km of range.


First New Meyers Manx Vehicle Under New Ownership Will Be Electric

The original Meyers Manx design, upgragded with some tasty/racy mag wheels, from the 1968 film ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’, with Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen [Michael Ochs archive]
Many of you may know the Meyers Manx by its more generic name, as the original ‘dune buggy’. The marque is now owned by Philip Sarophim, who Vintagent fans will know as the contributor of Big Oly to ADV:Overland and the Lancia Stratos HF Zero to Silver Shotgun, both exhibits curated by Paul d’Orléans at the Petersen Museum.  Meyers Manx is planning a partnership with battery-coating company, Coreshell, to develop a 240hp, big-range EV,  going above and beyond to ensure the new vehicle mimics the look and performance original Meyers Manx. They started the design process by digitizing the original buggy and uploading it onto a computer to closely scrutinize it from every angle, including the width and wheelbase. Then they took a long look at the electrical components to see where they would all seamlessly fit. We have seen some sneak peek concepts that we sadly can’t share, but suffice to say, we can’t wait to see what emerges.


Polestar Aims to Develop Climate-Neutral Cars

Can an automobile be truly carbon-neutral? Let’s see what Polestar comes up with. [Polestar]
Polestar announced earlier this week that it would be working with suppliers to develop new manufacturing processes that would result in climate-neutral vehicles. The project, called Polestar 0 Project, could completely eliminate emissions from the supply chain.  “Norwegian aluminum and renewable energy company Hydro intends to collaborate with Polestar’s experts on zero-carbon aluminum, while automotive systems supplier ZF intends to explore with Polestar how their innovation in electric powertrain and overall systems competence could eliminate carbon emissions and save resources,” the company stated.


Fresh Funds

The all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning is expected to be their best-seller EV. [Ford]
Automaker Ford just boosted its EV spending to $50 billion.  In shades of the Harley-Davidson/LiveWire split, Ford will establish a separate EV brand as a unique entity distinct from its legacy combustion engine company. Ford plans to develop more than two million EVs by 2026.

Rideshare standup scooter company Beam gets a cash injection: this is their Saturn scoot. [Beam]
Singapore-based startup Beam secured $93 million in funding to further develop its fifth-gen e-Scooters and expand into new markets across Asia.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor of The Current vertical on TheVintagent.com, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.  Her Instagram is here.


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