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Run Time: 1:17:00
Producer: NZ On Air & TV3
Director: Justin Pemberton
Editor: Bryan Shaw
Key Cast: Janeen Newcombe, Phil Read, Chas Mortimer


“I recommend it. Kim Newcombe was a man after my own heart. He lived in New Zealand, saw an interesting engine in a boat, thought it’d work in a motorbike, he moved to Germany with his missus to meet the designer, met him, built a bike with this engine in it, started racing it, won a world championship race, beat Agostini. Kim Newcombe, legend. A man with a plan”  – Road Racer and Isle of Man TT star Guy Martin

Love, Speed and Loss was nominated at three prestigious film festivals, including the Auckland Film Festival 2005.


…here’s an interesting motorcycle folks. It’s got an engine which is an outboard motor for boats, and somebody’s cleverly stuck a gearbox on it, and it’s very small and very light…

It’s 1973 and young New Zealand couple Kim and Janeen have run away to Europe and joined the circus – the Continental Circus. They’re part of a convoy of Grand Prix motorcycle riders travelling across Western and Eastern Europe competing for the World Championship Road Racing title.

Love, Speed and Loss is a love story set against the backdrop of 1970s Grand Prix racing. Kim Newcombe and his childhood sweetheart wife, Janeen, arrived in Berlin in 1969. Kim had a job working as an engineer for the Konig outboard marine company. Within a year he’d taken the outboard engine and turned it into a lightning-fast road racing motorbike that led the world championship. And so the couple’s European adventure began …

On route to Europe Janeen bought a Super8 camera in Hong Kong and started documenting the couple’s new life. Love, Speed and Loss opens with Janeen watching the footage of her and Kim – young, in love and idealistic. The documentary moves between the 1970s and the present day as it reveals the couple’s story, building toward the tragic event that saw Janeen’s life change dramatically.


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