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Run Time: 0:32:00
Producer: Tyler Wales
A Film By: Wiley Watson
Writer: Wiley Watson
Key Cast: Timmy Weigand, Jeremy Mcgrath, Kurt Caselli


Wiley is an award winning film director and editor based in the Pacific Northwest. From feature films, commercials, & serialized web-show content, Wiley’s skillset and creative eye are drawn from over a decade of experience in the digital media world. An avid creator and innovator , Wiley obsess’s the details to capture cunning imagery alongside powerful storytelling.

He is currently available for hire on new projects.


On November 15th, 2013 the world lost Kurt Caselli to the Baja 1000. The shock was immediate and powerful. A once in a generation offroad racer, Kurt’s performance on his motorcycle was matched only by the dedication, passion, and love that inspired an era of racers, riders, family, and friends. Red Tide Pictures is proud to present Caselli 66. This is the story of Kurt and his legacy that lives on. Ride the dream.


RENT/BUY THE FILM. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Kurt Caselli Foundation.

Wiley Watson




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