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Why We Ride (2013)

Run Time: 1:29:00
Producer: Walking West Entertainment, Gnarlynow Entertainment
Director: Bryan H. Carroll
Writer: Bryan H. Carroll, Chris Hampel, James C. Walker
Key Cast: Jim Adams, Ernie Alexander, Kenny Alexander


How a Documentary about Passion, started a Worldwide Movement and Inspired Audiences to Ride!

What started as a documentary about the legendary racer “Iron Man” Ed Kretz become a 15-month long production studying the “two-wheeled perspective” of the passion of life — told through anecdotes of those who live and breath it everyday. This was one of the most transformative filmmaking journeys our crew had ever embarked on.


The passion of the riders and the soul of their machines.

In the brutally-violent and dangerous early days of motorcycle racing, one man rode harder and faster than anyone else. Ed Kretz was so tough and seemingly invincible, his jealous rivals dubbed him “Iron Man.” None of them could beat him and nothing could stop him. Kretz lived to wrestle his metal war-horse around any track, from the mountains of Depression-stricken California, to the beaches of Daytona.  He would later be an inspiration and friend to the likes of James Dean and Steve McQueen; and he won more national championships than anyone else in history.

We began this documentary journey the a singular mission, to tell the history of this legendary “Iron Man”. However, it quickly became evident that Kretz’s story of passion and persistence was shared among all motorcyclists, young and old, male and female, competitive racer and leisure rider alike. This film wasn’t going to be about the “who”, “what”, or “where”, it was going to be about the “WE” — and hence it was fitting the title of this evolving cinematic journey be WHY WE RIDE.

Why We Ride is a story about who we are. Individuals with a desire to dream, discover and explore. From a kid’s dream come true, to a retiree’s return to freedom. From a family riding together on the sand dunes, to hundreds of choppers carving through the canyons – the bond is the same. It’s about the passion of the riders and the soul of their machines.


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