Hello dear readers and riders! Are you ready for the non-official start of summer this weekend? We know we sure are. Just like this year’s historically high temperatures, this week’s EV news roundup is burning up, and sometimes blowing up.  We’ll take a look at the e-Bikes Ukraine is using to haul anti-tank weapons, a Cybertruck-inspired café racer, and much more. Send us your tips, quips, and feedback to stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.


Ukraine Uses e-Bikes to Haul Weaponry

Not shown in the catalog! Ukrainian soldiers using Delfast eBikes to move anti-tank weapons quickly and silently through battleground areas. [Internet]
Military officials in Ukraine are using whisper-quiet modified e-Bikes to transport next-gen light anti-tank weaponry as fighting continues with Russia. Soldiers are using EVs from Ukrainian brands ELEEK and Delfast to move quickly into position or conduct guard patrols. In happier times, we reported on Delfast using the Dnepr name and taking records at Bonneville. Now the Ukrainian military is utilizing them to haul the latest in anti-tank rocket launchers, which are light and easy to manage, unless you’re sitting in a tank. The e-Bike’s swift speeds of up to 50mph and quiet design is an ideal solution for frontline soldiers.  It’s the new wave of guerilla warfare, with a little help from their friends in the USA and NATO, and a big part of why Russia hasn’t trampled over Ukraine as they expected.  EVs give a modern spin to an old war scenario, with militarily superior armies promising quick victory to their leaders, but the ground game proves to be a different matter: after all, isn’t that how the USA became independent?  And how Afghanistan booted both the Russians and Americans out?  Neither country seems to have learned much from their own history.


Serial 1 ‘Bash/MTN’ Minimal Trail Bike

Serial 1 branches out, to the woods! The Bash/MTN is their latest model, coming soon to a trail near you. [Serial 1]

Harley-Davidson’s ‘other’ EV spinoff, Serial 1, is branching out with a trail bike based on one of their designers’ personal machines.  The Bash/MTN is intended for off-road riding in an ultra simple format; single-speed, no suspension, pedelec.  Well, the seat post is sprung, to save your spine, which sounds much like a 1920s/30s Harley-Davidson! The mid-mount motor drives the rear wheel via a carbon belt, has four ride modes, with 66ft-lbs of torque, which is a lot more than their early motorcycles.  The design is clean and minimal. Serial 1 has partnered with Google Cloud for a mobile app providing turn-by-turn navigation, gathering real-time data directly from the bike to assist the riders on the current status of their ride.  Next time you see an eBike in the woods mounted with 20 cameras, you’ll know it’s Google mapping your trail.  JK!


Meet Robo.Systems’ 2×2 Energy-Efficient Ultra Off-Roading e-Bike

Robo Systems going anywhere and everywhere, like an EV Rokon, with a similar spec: 2 wheel drive using floation big wheels. [Robo Systems]
Robo.Systems’ new 2×2 cross-country e-Bike is paving the way for the future. The biggest selling points of this off-road monster are its unlimited mile range, ability to conquer water obstacles, and low-pressure tires. The e-Bike can efficiently navigate swamps, mud, sand, water, and snow, all with minimal energy consumption. The vehicle also features top speeds of 30mph, two 1kW motors, a payload capacity of 330lbs, and lightning-fast charging times.


Nissan’s New Four-Door Sakura’s Exceptional Capabilities

The new micro Nissan urban runabout Sakura at a very low price. [Nissan]
Earlier this week, automaker Nissan debuted its Sakura kei car in Japan, an innovative four-seater EV that boasts 112 miles worth of range, 63hp, top speeds of 80mph, and 144 lb-ft of torque. Priced at $14,000, the EV is named for Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms. Measuring just 113.7 inches in length and 58.1 inches in width, the Sakura is the perfect vehicle for urbanites.


Renault’s Scénic Vision is an Electric/Hydrogen Powerhouse

French carmaker Renault is one of the oldest auto manufacturers in the world, and is looking toward the future with the Scénic Vision electro-hybrid with a lighter carbon footprint than a pure EV. [Renault]
Renault just unveiled their newest EV concept, the Scénic Vision, at the ChangeNOW summit. Thee dual-powered concept harnesses the power of the company’s H2-Tech, a combination of both electric and hydrogen power and will be released in 2024. The company claims that the revolutionary cross-over uses 70% recycled materials and 95% of the production vehicle can be recycled. Furthermore, the Scénic Vision will have an overall running footprint that is 75% less than traditional EVs. “Its battery is up to 60% less carbon intensive than an equivalent battery, thanks to the use of short loops and low-carbon sourcing of minerals, and the use of low-carbon energy to assemble and produce the battery,” the company said.  The future is eclectic: we’re sure to see a wealth of good ideas for vehicles using many hybrid powerplants in the coming years.


TVS Motors Launches the iQube e-Scooter

TVS is the enormous Indian company you’ve never heard of, that builds more motorcycles than all European and American moto companies combined. Their iQube will likely sell in huge numbers, and if India can get a handle on power production using something other than coal, their urban air quality will surely improve. [TVS]

TVS Motors dropped their new iQube e-scoot this week. The scooter will be available in three different models, including the base-version iQube, the iQube S, and the iQube ST, with the two former avatars now available at the company’s outlets in 33 cities. TVS Motors plans to expand their footprint in 52 additional cities. The iQube and iQube S models are both outfitted with a 3.4kWh battery that delivers 100km of on-road range per charge. The iQube ST is equipped with a 5.1kWh battery that promises 140km of on-road range per charge.


New Cybertruck-Inspired Model M Bike is the Café Racer of the Future

Squared-off and sleek, this Tesla-inspired eBike design points a way forward for new silhouettes for two wheels. [Victor Rodriquez Gómez]
Spanish designer Victor Rodríguez Gómez recently developed a Cybertruck-inspired café racer called the Tesla Model M. Created with future adventurers in mind, the efficient, eco-friendly machine boasts Tesla-eqsue geometric lines and a sleek, forward stance. Gómez’s extreme attention to detail can be seen throughout every facet of his visionary e-Motorcycle, right down to the detachable bag that enables a rider to carry their belongings as they dismount the bike. The bag is equipped with its own battery that powers multimedia systems and lights.




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