Hello, dear readers and riders! We hope y’all are keeping cool. This heatwave feels like it’s never going to end. This week’s EV news roundup is just as hot. We’re covering an electric Meyers Manx dune buggy, the world’s lightest folding e-Bike, new e-Motorcycles from Can-Am, a fat-tired e-Bike that can tackle the toughest terrain, and more. Send us your EV tips, questions, or feedback to stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

Say What? Meet the Meyers Manx 2.0 Electric Dune Buggy

The Myers Manx EV prototype captures the wonderful spirit of the original Dune Buggy. [Myers Manx]

The very first Meyers Manx was painstakingly built by hand in a rented Newport Beach garage in 1964. Boy, how times have changed! Earlier this week, the brand announced that its fun- loving dune buggy is back. But now, it’s electrified. The new Meyers Manx 2.0 Electric features a 40kWh battery and has an estimated range of about 300 miles. The first 50 buggies will go to Beta testers next year, while regular customers can get behind the wheel in 2024.

Sweet booty! Looks like a very fun ride, and the ultra light weight will make for Cobra-like performance. [Myers Manx]

The revival of the beloved Myers Manx brand has been imminent, since the purchase of all assets by a group led by billionaire Philip Sarophim a few years ago.  The Vintagent team has been proud to include two of Sarophim’s collection in our Petersen Museum exhibits (‘Big Oly’ and the Lancia Stratos Zero), and we’ve known of the plan to develop an EV version of the Myers Manx since the acquisition of the brand. The revived Myers Manx sponsored a significant entry of vintage dune buggies in the Mexican 1000 race earlier this year, raising the profile and visibility of the iconic design, and the buzz about the new model began.  A launch party in LA earlier this week confirmed that development is well underway, with a fully function prototype present.  Question remain: how is this thing street legal?  We promise to dig in on that soon.

Ryvid Releases Rad New e-Bike

The new Ryvid eBike looks to be a worthy competitor to Zero and Livewire. [Ryvid]

eBike maker Ryvid recently dropped its first launch-edition e-Bike, The Anthem. Developed using aerospace technology, this versatile e-Bike clocks in at 240lbs and features a bespoke stainless-steel chassis, Ergo-Easy ride height-adjustable seat, and removable battery pack. The pre-sale launch is slated for this Sunday, August 14 at 10am PST. With only 1,000 bikes available and priced to please at $7,800, you better act fast.

The World’s Lightest Folding e-Bike

Super light, super foldy. The new Vello (we Velocette owners object to the name, let it be known), from Austria. [Velo]

Austrian e-Bike manufacturer Vello just announced that it will be developing a folding electric bicycle that weighs under 22lbs. To achieve its feather-light weight, Vello’s Ultralight will be made from a titanium frame that is combined with carbon fiber components. Riders can fold the bike completely in just eight seconds. The discreet rear-wheel hub motor uses an integrated slope sensor that acts like a gear change, automatically adjusting the motor assist as needed. The discreet battery will be seamlessly integrated into the engine to conserve space and weight thanks to Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) technology.

Can-Am Unveils Its New Electric Street Bikes

The new Can-Am lineup: street and ADV inspired Pulse and Origin, targeting existing motorcyclists with light and modestly priced machines. [Can Am]

Earlier this week, Can-Am gave the world a virtual tour of its two new e-Motorcycles, the Pulse and the Origin. The latter is a rally bike/scrambler mashup and, according to the company, is “designed to bring new exhilaration to the street and the trail.” The Pulse lacks a gearbox but is equipped with a twist-and-go throttle. Want more details? Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until next year.

The Can-Am Pulse takes design cues from the Husqvarna Viltpilen, making it modern but not too edgy. [Can Am]

Can-Am, part of the Canadian powersports giant Bombardier (BRP), has a history of motorcycle production back in the 1970s, building winning MX bikes with Rotax powerplants.  They even won the 1974 MX World Championships (rider Gary Jones), but ceased production in 1987 with recession and big market changes (read, unbeatable Japanese MX investment).  BRP revives the Rotax connection with the new models, teaming up to use Rotax E-Power for its new models.  That collaboration has likely been ongoing since 2018, when BRP acquired important intellectual property assets from the bankruptcy sale of Alta motorcycles – by far the industry leader in off-road eMoto technology even today.  Harley-Davidson absorbed significant Alta tech (and a few important personnel) during a short-lived investment deal with the brand in 2017/18, so Alta tech now forms the heart of two giants now in competition with each other: Can-Am and LiveWire.  Very interesting indeed.  LiveWire recently teased their new, lighter lineup, which puts it in the same market category as the proposed Can-Am models.  The original LiveWire, of course, remains in a category by itself, as no other major OEM has dared to invest in production of a large motorcycle, yet. 

The e-Bike You Can Ride Off Road

Rokon? Nope, it’s the 2X2 Ultra Bike from Robo Systems, capable of going just about anywhere. [Robo Systems]

Want an e-Bike that can go further? If so, check out Robo.System’s new ultra-fat-tired e-Bike. Called the 2×2 Ultra Bike, this thing looks like it came straight out of Mad Max. Featuring a 1,000W brushless DC motor and a 49-volt LifeP04 battery pack encased in a waterproof compartment, this bike can travel through mud, water, and everywhere in between for up to 40 miles.  Is that far enough?

Coswheel’s New GT20 Sports e-Motorcycle

A new entry into the go-anywhere, lightweight eBike, the Coswheel GT20. [Coswheel]

The GT20, Coswheel’s new electric sports ebike, will definitely push the boundaries of ‘bicycle’ and ‘motorcycle.’  It has bicycle pedals,  all-terrain tires, and an aluminum alloy chassis, plus a 750W high-speed motor with 30 to 60 miles of range.  Looks like room for an extra battery in that basket, which presumably doubles the possible range, and the pedals make it rideable without a motorcycle license, with a one-time, permanent licensing fee in most states. Whether machines like this remain under the ‘bicycle’ category is unclear.

Want to Rent an EV? Here’s Your Chance

Try before you buy? The UFODrive car rental system lets you try an EV for as long as you like, or at least gives you the option for short-term use. [UFO Drive]

The world’s first EV rental company, UFODRIVE, just landed in San Francisco. Thanks to its wild popularity over in Europe, the company decided to open up shop in California and has plans to open in additional cities this fall. Drivers can rent Teslas, electric VWs, and more. UFODRIVE is part of Inspiration Mobility, a sustainable infrastructure investment platform exclusively focused on the real assets that enable the EV transition.

New EV Tax Credit Proposals Has Its Limitations

According to FOX Business, 70% of the United States’ current EVs wouldn’t qualify for a $7,500 tax credit under a recent proposal to the Senate. That’s because the proposal requires that the vehicles’ batteries and mineral components are sourced from the US.  Currently, that’s an impossible situation, as China controls the majority of battery production, from rare mineral mining internationally to actual manufacturing of batteries, and while US-controlled companies have (belatedly) ramped up both mining and manufacturing, currently it is impossible to supply Made In USA vehicle batteries in significant numbers.  So, if FOX is correct, the much-vaunted support for EVs in the current legislation is an empty claim.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.
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