Hello, dear readers and riders! We hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day weekend! Speaking of independence, electric vehicles are giving folks the freedom to travel in ways they never could before. Take the growing electric micro-bike market, for instance. Never heard of micro-bikes? Don’t worry, we’ll cover them and more in this week’s EV news roundup. As always, contact us at stephanie@thevintagent.com to share your tips, thoughts, or criticisms. Let’s roll.

The Dawn of the Micro-Bike

The Voro microbike, one step up from a standup scooter, and almost a moped, but faster. [Voro]

Still wondering what the heck a micro-bike is? While they’re technically not really bikes, electric micro-bikes are gaining traction in the EV world thanks to their conveniently compact size. Great for urban commuter, some micro-bikes can reach speeds of up to 20mph. They’re also more affordable than traditional e-Bikes, with some costing less than $1000. One micro-bike we love is the FIIDO seated electric scooter from Voro. Priced to please at just $899, this petite scoot has everything you need to get around town.

How EV Batteries of the Past Are Poised to Reshape the Future

LFP battery technology patents expire soon, which could transform the battery industries of the US and Europe. [Alibaba]

Numerous patents for lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) chemistries that are due to expire this year could transform battery production in both the US and Europe. Thanks to an agreement with patent holders, China has been using this battery technology for nearly a decade. Now, other manufacturers outside of China are developing lithium-ion chemistries for EVs. LFP is affordable, safer, and doesn’t need scarce raw battery materials such as nickel and cobalt. This means that LFP batteries could play a significant role in the future of US battery production.

R.I.P. European Internal Combustion Engines

Bye bye tailpipes…but does this mean the end of interesting alternative fuels, like hydrogen? [AutoWeek]

Just last week, the European Council of Environmental Ministers agreed to increase the target for reducing C02 emissions for new cars by 2030 from 50% to 55%, as well as reducing fleet limits for cars to ZERO by 2035. This essentially means that all new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles won’t have any tailpipe emissions.

Tesla May Team Up with Kayne to Produce a Foam Car

Vantablack+Foam+Ye = Donda. Donda Industrial Design has a new chief, footwear designer Steven Smith, a longtime Kanye collaborator. But will Elon Musk build it? [Donda]

Rapper Kayne West’s vision for a car made of foam could soon come to fruition. Named after his late mother, Kayne tweeted an image of his Donda car concept, along with a caption that it would be “conceptualized, designed, and manufactured in the United States.” This has prompted many to believe that Tesla might produce Kayne’s Donda car.  As shown, it has airless ‘tweels’ that rely on their own structure for suspension. What do you think?

Triumph Acquires Electric Moto-Manufacturer OSET

Triumph buys OSET, looking to acquire useful assets for their push to be only the second major motorcycle manufacture to offer a full-size eBike. [Triumph]

Earlier this week, Triumph announced that it had purchased electric motorcycle manufacturer OSET. While it’s no surprise that Triumph wants—and is—going electric, the new acquisition will allow the brand to offer an EV product with proven production capacity and consumer interest. “We are excited about the opportunity of joining forces with OSET Bikes: a dynamic brand that has been encouraging children into motorcycling for many years and have been at the forefront of developing electric trials bikes for fun and competition,” Triumph CEO Nick Bloor said.    


Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.