Hello, dear readers and riders! Are you finally feeling the chill of the autumn air where you are? We sure hope so. It’s a nice reprieve from the sweltering summer heat we’ve been dealing with. This week’s EV news roundup is pretty cool too. We’re covering a hydrogen fuel cell cyberpunk motorcycle, a Tesla-inspired motorbike, a retro-themed e-Bike complete with a sidecar, and much more. If you’ve come across any compelling EV news you’d like us to cover, shoot us a message at stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

Hydra: The Hydrogen-Powered Cyberpunk Motorbike

A hydrogen motorcycle? There’s no reason why not. [Hydra]

We always love a distinctly designed motorcycle. And the Hydra is dressed to impress. The brainchild of designers Anton Guzhov, Anton Brousseau, and André Taylforth, the  Hydra is powered by hydrogen fuel cells that have zero harmful emissions. The bike also makes toxic battery acid from EV batteries a thing of the past. In fact, the only by-products of this bike are heat and water—hence its name. And thanks to its fascinating aesthetics, this bike definitely grabbed our attention.

Meet the Tesla-Inspired e-Motorcycle

It’s well known that Elon Musk doesn’t give a fig about motorcycles, but folks have been designing bikes around the Tesla name for years. Here’s the latest concept suggesting what a Tesla bike might look like, although Tesla doesn’t build particularly exotic cars… [Zhang Yanqi]

Electric motors have led to an onslaught of peculiar designs. Zhang Yanqi’s new e-Motorcycle concept is just that. Dubbed the “Tesla Model-Z,” this abstract bike boasts thick front spokes, a hubless rear wheel, and a futuristic design. The tilted case with ventilation flares sleekly disguises the typical bulky look of the batteries. The Model-Z promises to go from 0 to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds, with top speeds of 200km/h and a 75km range. These specs, of course, are theoretical.

High-End Electric Boat Features Smart Tech and a Roomy Deck

Xshore is a pioneer on the e-boat scene, and has had success in Sweden’s amazing waterways. [Xshore]

Want a luxury, electrified at-sea experience? If so, meet the electric X Shore 1 by Swedish electric boat manufacturer X Shore. Promising to be the “future of boating,” this high-end boat features a generous deck, cantilevered roof, a range of 50 nautical miles, and top speeds of 55km/h thanks to its 125kW electric motor. The X Shore 1 is also outfitted with smart tech for anti-theft and can reach 80% charging capacity in just 50 minutes.

E-Bike with Sidecar

Take a friend on an e-bike adventure! [Modeasy]

Want to take your partner or pooch for a spin? The Mod Easy Sidecar allows you to do just that. Developed by Austin-based electric bike company Mod Bikes, this striking sidecar model is outfitted with 24-inch rims and thick tires, ensuring stability and supreme comfort. The throwback design gives us total vintage vibes. However, this EV has all of the modern creature
comforts your heart desires, including LCD display and password-protected unlocking.

This e-Motorcycle Charges All Your Devices

We are reaching the point where our vehicles will be fully integrated into our devices. [Mokwheel]

Want to keep everything juiced, including your EV?  Mokwheel’s latest e-Motorbike can do that! Called the Basalt, this bike harnesses the power of the sun to charge all of your gadgets. It’s equipped with a robust 960Wh battery pack and uses a specially developed inverter to charge your devices. Thanks to the solar panels, you can charge this bike virtually anywhere, making it perfect for your next camping adventure.

Electrify America to Build Fast Chargers for EV Truck Fleets

After the call last week for EV owners not to charge their vehicles during peak hours in California, Electrify America is building one possible solution. [Electrify America]

Electrify America will be installing 30 fast chargers in the Port of Long Beach, CA for electric drayage truck fleets. The chargers will feature battery energy storage systems (BESS), enabling them to store energy for use at any time, alleviating issues currently arising with excess demand on the grid at peak hours, and the ironic request by the state of California to take electric vehicles off the grid on hot weather days.



Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.
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