Hello, dear readers and riders! Welcome to the latest installment of our EV news roundup, your hub for the latest updates about the electric revolution. This week, we’ll take a look at BMW’s plans for Tesla-inspired battery cells, a pioneering e- Motorcycle that’s pushing technological boundaries, a cute and compact city-friendly EV, and an all-electric camper. Your thoughts, tips, and feedback are always appreciated. Please send your inquiries to stephanie@thevintagent.com. iLet’s roll.

BMW’s Big Battery Plans

BMW will share battery dimensions with Tesla by 2025, meaning some modularity of production and use? [BMW]

Earlier this week, German luxury automaker BMW revealed its plans for a new kind of battery cell. The company plans to outfit their cars with the new round-cell batteries starting in 2025. BMW’s new batteries promise quicker recharging times, longer ranges on a full charge, and to reduce costs by as much as 50% compared to its current cells. BMW’s new batteries will share a format with Tesla.

Meet the New Boundary-Pushing e-Motorcycle

The Arc Vector is a hypersports eBike is in a class of its own. [Arc]

A new electric motorcycle dubbed the Arc Vector promises to be the most technologically advanced e-Bike in the world. Hand crafted in the UK, the e-Motorbike has a 40-minute charging time and a range of 436km. But that’s only the start. The Arc Vector lineup also includes a first- of-its-kind human-machine interface (HMI), including a helmet with head-up display and the Arc Origin haptic jacket, which keeps the rider alert with real-time vibrations and taps.

A Cute EV That is Reshaping the Future of Personal Mobility

The CUV is a micromobility vehicle intended for urban use, probably the #1 category for EVs today. [Biomega]

Meet the Biomega CUV, a compact EV that is positioned to redefine the future of city transportation. The petite production-ready electric vehicle features a range of 160km, top speeds of 130 km/h, a 20kWh battery capacity, and four in-hub motors, which keep the cabin clear. The vehicle’s minimalistic design allows for easy maneuvering in tight urban areas.

A Sustainable Bike Made of Concrete

Anytime you’re slogging uphill and think your bike is made of concrete, think again. This one is! [Play to DIY]

While our main focus is electric vehicles, we also love to feature eco-friendly mobility concepts as well. This new concrete bicycle built by the team at the Play to DIY YouTube channel immediately caught our attention. Tipping the scales at almost 300 pounds, the concrete bike can roll and pedal. The bike is made from recycled bicycle parts, plywood, pipeline, and, of course, concrete.

This Electric Flying Car Comfortably Fits in Your Garage

The dream of a flying car is evergreen: will Doroni finally crack it? [Doroni]

Skip the hassle of rush-hour traffic when you fly the skies in the Doroni H1 flying car. Developed by Doroni Aerospace, , the two-seater electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL) can be parked in a two-car garage. The Doroni H1 has a 60-mile range, payload capacity of 200 kilos, and can reach 80% battery capacity in as little as 15 minutes.

Experience Fully Electric Camping with the NS-1

Campworks is ready for you eSUV for a fully off-grid experience. [Campworks]

Want an eco-friendly camping experience? If so, meet the NS-1 electric camper from Campworks. This “off-road micro-grid” is powered by the sun and can store up to 1,840 watts of solar energy, allowing it to work as a generator for any EV that tows it. The NS-1 has 19 inches of ground clearance, enabling it to navigate all types of terrain. The double-pane windows and acoustic insulation wall panels will keep you comfy all year long. The caravan also has spacious sleeping areas and a small kitchen, complete with utensil storage, LED lighting, and a sliding counter.

Fresh Funds

  • President Joe Biden recently announced the approval of the first $900 million in funding of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill to develop EV charging stations across 35 states.
  • EnviroSpark, a commercial EV charging startup, raised over $5.7 million in Series A funding.
  • Monta, another EV charging company, raised $30 million from Energize Ventures.
  • Electric fleet charging infrastructure company, TeraWatt Infrastructure, secured over $1 billion in Series A funding.



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