Happy New Year, dear readers and riders! Welcome to the final installment of our EV news roundups for 2022. This week, we’ll take a look at electric batteries made from hemp, Fuell’s e-Motorcycles gearing up to hit the market, and a reimagined Volcon e-Motorcycle. Also, how’re we doing? Are there any EV topics you’d like to see more of? Feel free to send us your thoughts, tips, and feedback to stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

Sustainable Batteries Made from Cannabis

Bemp is working on new battery coatings made from hemp to supplant Lithium and other nasty chemicals, and dramatically reduce the environmental impact of batteries. [Bemp]

Bemp Research is out to revolutionize the EV sector. The Texas-based company is currently developing new EV batteries coated with hemp to make them more durable and sustainable. The company promises that its hemp batteries will charge in just 20 minutes and have twice the range of traditional lithium-ion batteries. Bemp Research is hoping to make its cannabis batteries available to the market by 2026.

Revival Cycles Reimagines Volcon e-Motorcycle

Revival reboots the Volcon into a cool e-ADV funster. [Revival Cycles]

EV-maker Volcon recently approached Austin-based Revival Cycles to recreate its Grunt e-Motorcycle. . The company closely collaborated with designer Ed Boyd to draft several CAD designs of the Grunt before choosing to experiment with new fiberglass bodywork. While the new bodywork was being reworked by hand to seamlessly fit the frame, Revival removed the stock subframe and built a new cantilevered design using smaller 7/8-inch tubing. This made the bike shorter and narrower. Revival also relocated all of the electrical components, including the motor controller and 12V regulator, closer to the motor using custom brackets for a tidier wiring harness. Additionally, Revival stripped down and powder-coated the bike, sanded and polished the wheels and swing arm, and freshened up the aesthetics with fun, bright paint.

Bertone Releases Hypercar Powered by Plastic Waste

The rich go faster on garbage! Bertone explores new power sources for its supercars. [Bertone]

To celebrate its 110th birthday, Italian design firm Bertone recently unveiled a sleek new supercar that is powered by plastic waste. Called the GB110, the slick coupe cranks out 1,100hp and 1,100Nm of torque. The company claims its car can go from 0 to 60mph in just 2.79 seconds. The vehicle’s most stand-out feature is its ability to burn fuel made from plastic waste. Bertone partnered with Select Fuel to use its patented technology that converts polycarbonate materials into renewable fuel. Bertone will only release 33 units to the market.

Huck Cycles Starts Production of Stinger e-Motorcycles

The new Huck Stinger is made in the USA, and ready for production. [Huck]

North Carolina-based e-Bike manufacturer Huck Cycles is beginning production of its latest model, the Stinger e-Motorcycle. The company, hailed for its retro-inspired e-Mopeds that are hand-built by Americans, will release two versions of the Stinger, including Standard and Performance Upgrade models. Both versions weigh about 200 pounds and feature adjustable seat heights, hydraulic disc brakes, and 17-inch wheels.

Fuell Relaunches Pre-Order Campaign for Fllow e-Motorcycle

Ffinally Ffuell Fflow! We’ve been waiting for Erik Buell’s new baby for some time: does the shape look familiar? [Fuell]

Electric mobility company Fuell will soon be relaunching a pre-order campaign for its Fllow e- Motorbike. While the bike was originally slated to hit the market in 2021, the global pandemic derailed Fuell’s plans. The Fllow features a 47-horsepower electric motor, can produce a staggering 553 lb-ft of torque, and has top speeds of 85mph.

Ola to Launch Premium Line of e-Motorcycles

Ready to take over the world: Ola started out with eScooters, and is moving into eBike and even SUVs. The Indian motorcycle industry is enormous, and switching to EVs [Ola]

Indian e-Scooter company Ola Electric recently announced its big plans to release e-Motorcycles over the coming two years, as well as an electric SUV in 2025.  Given the enormity of both the Indian vehicle market and the Indian motorcycle industry, we’ll certainly see a few juggernaut eBike companies coming soon the streets near you.

Audi Turning Old Laptops into New EV Batteries

Is the age of battery recycling upon us? [Redwood Materials]

Audi dealerships across the US are collecting old electronics—from laptops to toothbrushes—to recycle them into new lithium-ion batteries.  Partnering with Redwood Materials, a pioneering lithium battery recycler, Audi hopes to push the industry forward in this age of critical future materials shortage.



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