Hello, dear readers and riders! Welcome to the first installment of our EV news roundups for December. This week, we’ll look at a 3D-printed electric car, Tesla’s first semi, an e-Bike and car hybrid, and many more. If you see any stories you think we should cover, please send them to stephanie@thevintagent.com. Our inbox is always open. Let’s roll.

Eysing by Pininfarina

Need slick, modern urban transport? Check out the Eysing e-moped designed by Pinfarina! [Eysing]

Eysing was founded by four Dutch friends as an updated homage to Eysink, a Dutch motorcycle brand whose most famous product was the Alpenjager single-cylinder of 1938.  Eysing was founded in 2017, and builds charming retro e-mopeds.  This year they’ve collaborated with legendary Italian design firm Pininfarina on a slick modern version of their e-moped platform, called the PF40, and introduced just last weekend at the Masters Expo in Amsterdam.  First deliveries are expected in a little over a year, at the beginning of 2024.  

Scottish Startup Rolls Out Bollinger-Esque EV

Wait, is it a Bollinger? Nope, it’s a Munro, rugged as the Scottish mountains it’s named after. But there’s a connection… [Munro]

Scottish startup Munro – the Scottish term for ‘mountain’ – has recently released images of its new EV, the boxy MK1, that looks a hell of a lot like a Bollinger.  There’s a reason for that, beyond the brand’s stated aim of producing a strictly utilitarian EV truck: British designer Ross Compton formerly worked at Bollinger on the design of the B1. There are of course other design cues present, mostly early Land Rover, but the monochromatic, geometric, no-frills no-grills design of the Munro Mk1 is clearly a kin of the Bollinger…but since that company has given up on private vehicle production to focus on the commercial vehicle market, we suppose the market space for a geo-ute is wide open.  Munro claims that its five-seater electric SUV can crank out 375 ponies and has a range of about 186 miles thanks to the 82.4kWh battery.

Meet the Animal, a 3D-Printed Electric Car

The Animal doesn’t look particularly savage. Perhaps it’s a domesticated animal, like a dog or cat or hamster. Anyway, it looks like a Tesla. We do applaud its innovation in materials, though. [LIUX]

A Spanish startup has recently claimed that it has made the most sustainable electric car the world has ever seen. LIUX’s 3D-printed car, dubbed the Animal, is made from recyclable materials, including bio-resin and plastic. These materials make up 90% of the plant-based car, including the interiors, outer skin, and chassis components. The company has also removed any unnecessary design elements, only using parts that are simple to assemble, repair, and recycle. The 3D molds of the bodywork and chassis allow LIUX to cut CO2 emissions, energy, and manufacturing times by as much as 70%.

Tesla Unveils Its First Electric Semi

Coming soon to a rearview mirror near you, the terrifying Tesla truck. [Tesla]

EV automaker Tesla recently shipped its first  electric semi-truck to PepsiCo. Aptly called the Semi, the battery-electric Class 9 rig is outfitted with a tri-motor layout similar to those found in the Model X Plaid. Tesla’s Semi has a range of about 500 miles.  Will it include a ‘self driving’ mode?  We certainly hope not.

Electric Canoo Being Considered by the US Army

The Canoo LTV has a future-war vibe that suits a fully-funded military industrial complex just fine. And hey, we can maintain the dream of American Empire and be green! [Canoo]

EV startup Canoo recently released its Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) to be evaluated by the US Army. The EV can be converted from a flatbed truck to a pickup truck, enabling it to haul tactical equipment. Since the vehicle is not armored, it will not be driven too close to the front lines. The LTV features a proprietary all-wheel-drive system and cranks out up to 600hp. To help it navigate rugged terrain, it incorporates a raised suspension, air springs, and 32-inch all-terrain tires. “The LTV is another milestone proving the power of our technology and how it can be used, even in tactical situations,” said Canoo CEI and chairman, Tony Aquila.

Berlin-based Startup is Ready to Revolutionize Urban Mobility

ONO, it’s going to revolutionize urban delivery! [Onomotion]

Berlin-based startup Onomotion recently unveiled its first e-Bike and car hybrid product. Called the ONO, the e-Cargo bike merges the flexibility of a bike with the durability and capacity capabilities of a truck. This provides folks with an effective and sustainable way to move goods. Currently, the company has a few hundred vehicles on the road in Germany. Onomotion has plans to expand its footprint across North America and Europe. The startup’s vehicle-as-a-service model allows customers to pay monthly fees for vehicles, chargers, containers, servicing, and maintenance.

YouTuber Builds Cordless Tesla Hybrid

How f*cked up is this? A noisy little Honda gas-powered generator transforms a Tesla into a nasty kinda hybrid. [Warped Perception]

YouTuber Warped Perception recently posted a video of his build of the world’s first cordless Tesla. The influencer embarked on a 1,800-mile journey without needing to stop and charge his vehicle. Instead of its traditional plug-in charger, Warped Perception used an adaptation of a power plant generator that burns gas to keep the Model S fully juiced.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.
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