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Run Time: 1:32:00
Producer: Filmland International
Director: Vicente Amorim
Writer: L.G. Bayão (screenplay), Danilo Beyruth (characters), Luiza Shelling Tubaldini (story)
Key Cast: Guilherme Prates, Carla Salle, Emilio Dantas


Vicente started shooting short films in Super-8 when he was 12, and shot his first feature in 1999.
Screen International and Filmmaker Magazine listed Vicente Amorim as one of the most important independent directors in the world. Vicente Amorim’s films have been in the official selection of some of the most important festivals in the world, including Toronto, New Directors/New Films (MoMA), Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Rome, Montreal, Rio and San Sebastian. His films total 22 nominations at the Brazilian Academy Awards. Some of the awards won by his films include “best film” at San Diego; “best actor” at Mar del Plata; “best foreign film” at Hima Kizuma and “best director” at Gramado. His movies have been commercially released worldwide.
Amorim directed the thriller Motorrad; the Brazil-Japan co-production Dirty Hearts, with Tuyoshi Ihara; Good, with Viggo Mortensen; Sister Dulce, with Bianca Comparato; The Middle of the World, with Wagner Moura; the doc Too Much Brazil, which was awarded the UNESCO seal; and Rio, I Love You, directed alongside Paolo Sorrentino, Fernando Meirelles, John Torturro and 7 other of the world’s top directors.


In rural Brazil, young Hugo wants to be a part of his older brother’s dirt bike pack. He tells them about a girl he met who knows of a remote, beautiful trail. On that trail, fun and games become fear and dissent and, then, death.


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