You and I have the same addiction.

We endlessly scroll the internet trolling for our next motorcycle.

Does the ‘disease of more’ impel the search for something better?

There are much worse addictions.

Low mileage, late make, high tech, and cheap. But it’s a 250. What to do? [Mike Lawless]
I stumbled on a bike nobody wanted.

The price was beyond right for a newer street legal motorcycle with a title.

The ad had been running for weeks with no takers.

The Suzuki GW 250 is an odd little duck.

Not much info for the American market.

Small Japanese machines bear the stigma of gutless beginner bikes.

The road tests said the GW was underpowered.

Could barely keep up in freeway traffic.

Bad reviews are the kiss of death.

I know Suzuki has many versions of their 250 street bikes.

Both singles and twins.

For the record, the GW250 is a water-cooled, fuel injected parallel twin.

I drove out to the country for a look.

The condition was typical of a bike in a barn.

The seller was gracious enough to allow a road test before buying.

Where lightweight canyon carvers belong: on the bendy bits. [Mike Lawless]
My first thought was ‘how petite’, compared to most street bikes.

The riding position; classic UJM.

The instrument cluster just about perfect:

Analog tach with digi speedo, clock, fuel gauge & gear indicator.

All you need and then some.

The engine was a pleasant surprise.

The reviews shouted: counter balanced, long stoke, two-valver.

To me it was a twin that felt more like a  four.

Very smooth revving out to a pleasant crescendo at 11,000 RPM.

Suspension and brakes were fine, considering.

Handling is good, even if the front lacked feel when pushed.

Which might say more about me being a ham-fisted rider.

While the GW250 will never be a freeway flyer,

It was a pleasant roadster on narrow lanes.

Don’t let the mean bunny get you down – he’s not getting any lady rabbit despite spending $35k on a special special Italian stallion. [Mike Lawless]
The price was so cheap I gave the man my money.

I took her home, removed the stock mirrors and a few logos,  put on a pair of my favorite grips.

Plus the usual stuff; changing the oil, service the chain, set the tire pressure.

My eighteen-year-old daughter liked the Japanese Anime styling.

Exploring the backroads leads to unexpected pleasures/treasures. [Mike Lawless]
For weeks I cruised the back roads and commuted.

Enjoying the back roads.

You must carry your momentum,

This bike will never go down a gear and disappear.  Ever.

But the motor has good character.

It sounds like a motorcycle should, even with a stock exhaust.

The GW250 is quite a refined little package.

I dubbed the little roadster “Lusso”.

Pulls like a train…well actually not. But that’s ok, you’re still riding. [Mike Lawless]
I love modern, giant gas stations on a motorcycle.

Clean bathrooms, lots of pumps & fresh coffee.

A young man rolled up on his Ducati as I refueled.

I nodded in his direction.

He took off his helmet and asked “Is that your piece of shit? Like are you just learning to ride or something?”

I laughed, mentioned the Ducatis I’ve owned, and that I was service manager at a Ducati dealership.

Said Ducati makes nice art work, but his sportbike is miserable as a road bike.

The riding position is a pain in the neck, the heat from your 1098’s engine will melt your legs on a summer day.

Plus, we all know what they’re like to get serviced.

He fired back ‘Well I meet babes”.

Shaking my head I replied ‘If you want to meet women, buy a Vespa”.

There is not much respect for small motorcycles.

The adage of the bigger the engine, the bigger the man is tiresome.

A brand doesn’t define the man.

Are we not all riders?


I paid cash for my little bike, and will carry on riding it.



Michael Lawless [@electric_horseman], our ‘Poet of Packed Earth’, is the Flat Track Editor for, and has his own blog: Electric Horseman
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