Hello, dear readers and riders! Welcome back to The Vintagent’s EV news roundup. We have some really neat stuff for y’all this week, including an electric self-balancing wheelchair, Honda’s hot new releases, and the world’s first fully forged carbon fiber e-Motorcycle. If you see any EV stories that excite you, please share them with us at stephanie@thevintagent.com. Let’s roll.

Scewo Reveals Self-Balancing Electric Wheelchair

Improvements to mobility vehicles are long overdue: let’s hope the Scewo will become affordable and widely adopted. [Scewo]
Lauded as a pioneering design by the medical tech industry, Switzerland-based company Scewo recently unveiled its self-balancing, stair-climbing electric wheelchair at CES 2023. Designed for optimal comfort and safety, the BRO e-Wheelchair is outfitted with sensors, a camera, and modifiable configurations. Users can operate the wheelchair from an app or joystick and steering console.

Meet the World’s First Fully-Forged Carbon-Fiber e-Motorbike

Small but very light and extraordinarily strong: the Magron Novus eBike in forged carbon fiber. [Rush Lane]

Rush Lane published a story earlier this week that immediately caught our attention. Bengaluru-based startup Magron Novus recently introduced the world’s first fully-forged carbon-fiber e-Motorcycle. Currently being test ridden, the bike features a fully-forged carbon-fiber body and a 7.5kWh battery pack.

Honda Releases e-Cubs in China

Hey, when Honda last released a Cub, it sold 100Million+ …so how will this new version be received? [Honda]

We’d like to thank Eric for sending us some big news from Big Red. Honda finally released an electric version of its iconic Cub line in China. Hailed as the world’s top-selling motor vehicle, the Honda Cub has gained a huge fanbase since it first hit the market in 1958. Honda’s new e-Cub lineup includes three variants: the Cub e; the Dax e, and the ZOOMER e. To meet China’s e-Bike regulations, all three versions have top speeds of just 15.5mph. Hopefully, we’ll soon get some e-Cubs stateside.

BMW is Trying Out Solid-State Batteries

Solid state batteries are one promising possibility to relieve the need for massive Lithium and other rare earth mineral mining operations. As well, they promise better energy density. [BMW]
Through a collaboration with Solid Power, luxury automaker BMW will start testing solid-state battery technology. The company is preparing to develop a new line in Germany to test the solid-state cells and plans to present a working prototype before 2025.

Michael Blast’s New e-Scrambler is a Stylish Ride

A new entry into the highly competitive, highly popular eBike market for small street bikes. [Michael Blast]
Vancouver-based e-Bike manufacturer Michael Blast recently released a new retro-inspired e-Bike dubbed the Outsider. The punchy e-Bike comes in two trims, including 500W and 750W, both of which can reach speeds of 20mph or more.

Lazzarini Design Unveils Flying Foil Superyacht Concept

eOligarchs, anyone? Can you be green and still consume 10,000 times more resources than an average human? [Lazzarini]
Italian design studio Lazzarini Design unveiled renderings for a jaw-dropping 74m “flying” superyacht. Dubbed the Plectrum, the vessel is powered by a unique foiling system and runs on three hydrogen-powered motors that are capable of producing 5,000hp each. The Plectrum can lift itself above the water before reaching speeds of up to 75 knots. The superyacht is modeled after America’s Cup Prada sailing yachts. The Plectrum’s interior layout is subdivided into four decks, with enough space to fit six guest staterooms, a helicopter hanger, and a bow-lifting garage.




Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.
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