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Run Time: 1:26:00
Producer: Garage Films
Director: Cameron Brunt
Key Cast: Max Duff, Tom Gilroy, Justin Holmes


Wide of the Mark was a test to see if these hand-built road bikes could survive a lap around Tasmania, the only hope was that these machines would stay in one piece. Since most things broke or went missing it was adapted that the mission was these machines finished as a functional (rideable) motorcycle even if the headlight was absent, brakes gone, the number plate bent so bad you would struggle to read it, and well the list goes on.


Wide of the Mark follows six riders with a hunger for motorcycle adventure in its purest form. Hand building their road bikes to tackle Tasmania’s rugged off-road terrain.

Usually, a motorcycle adventure starts on the ride, but for these six Aussie riders it started in the garage. Tasked with transforming their road bikes into the ultimate off-road machine. The only guide – a rough road map of the most testing terrain Tasmania had to offer. Wide of the Mark is new ground in motorcycle adventure films. Hand-built motorcycles, piloted by a small group of young, vibrant personalities, living under the stars and chasing the world’s most renowned untamed trails punctuated by break down’s, crashes and roadside repairs.


Watch the FULL FILM on Vimeo

Garage Films



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