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Run Time: 12:20
Producer: New Decade, John Wolstenholme
A Film By: Stanley C. Marks
Editor: Bill Green
Key Cast: Chris Sandford (narrator), Barry Sheene, John Reed aka Uncle Bunt


Fast Company is a short film released as a B movie in British cinemas in 1977 (not to be confused with the 1979 David Cronenberg race car film of the same name), and is taken from an original 1977 copy of the complete movie on Super 8mm cine film. The film covers all aspects of the changing motorcycle scene in Britain at that time. This rare film finds itself on The Vintagent thanks to John Reed (aka Uncle Bunt) who appears in the film.


Starting with the biker gang’s ride out to the sea front, it then goes on to the motorcycle show with the guy of a thousand badges and customs and classics gleaming in the sun! It then features stunt riding from the White Helmets. The Mercury Despatch motorcycle couriers in London are shown hard at work and the businessman’s daily commute into the capital on his moped. There is road race action with Barry Sheene and company from Mallory Park and the Custom/Chopper scene with some Hell’s Angels visiting Uncle Bunts on a trike and the guys at Bunts working on various customs and choppers. More racing action later on in the film with scrambling and sidecar motocross & sidecar road racing and then it finishes off with the biker gang back on the road again and the titles.

*Some loss of sound occurs around the Uncle Bunt section and some other places due to wear on the original super 8 reel this was taken from. If you can find us a better copy… We want to see it!


Watch the FULL FILM on Cine Meccanica youtube



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