Maximilian Funk is as cool as his name sounds. A designer, writer, and editor [Max was my editor at Gestalten! – Pd’O], Max is also the co-founder of Craftwerk Berlin, a cultural hub for two-wheel enthusiasts and Cake’s first test ride center in Berlin. Among his moto-centric creative endeavors, Max launched Reload Land, Europe’s first all-electric motorcycle festival, last summer. The two-day event created a space for “like-minded futurists” to come together and celebrate a more sustainable future on two wheels.

Reload Land electric motorcycle festival in Berlin, June 3-4 2023. [Patrice Marker]
Reload Land returned to Berlin earlier this month, drawing over 1,200 attendees and numerous big-name exhibitors, including BMW Motorrad, LiveWire, Zero Motorcycles, RGNT, Black Tea, Hookie, and STILRIDE. The festival featured test rides, panel talks, live music, and 14 exhibition pieces. “One of the highlights from this year’s event was that Hookie’s Tardigrade was shown to the public in Europe for the first time. Another standout was the sprint racer from Bizarro Corp. from Spain. The bike has a bespoke steel chassis housing Zero’s technology and fairings painted by mural artist Felipe Pantone,” Funk said.

Tented display areas featured cutting edge custom e-Bikes. [Tim Adler]
The second edition of Reload Land showcased custom LiveWire bikes and RGNT’s Aurora, which beat the world speed record for electric motorcycles on ice in March. Additionally, STILRIDE revealed its stunning bike to the public for the first time at the festival. “We had a wide variety of bikes, including scramblers, race bikes, sprint racers, and mini bikes. I think we surprised people with just how many electric custom bikes there actually are,” said Funk. Reload Land also hosted a “silent ride,” which included more than 70 e-Motorcycles traveling through the streets of Berlin. “It’s one of the best experiences for visitors. When you ride through the city on motorcycles together, it’s extraordinary when it’s all silent, and you hear the laughs,” Funk stated.

“It’s extraordinary when it’s all silent, and you hear the laughs” – Max Funk. Riding through East Berlin with the old Fernsehen tower a landmark. [Tim Adler]
Reload Land goes far beyond riding and entertainment. The festival is also a valuable networking opportunity for B2C and B2C brands and a platform for EV education. Max and his team have big plans for upcoming Reload Land events and eventually want to add electric cars to the mix. “We’ll stay in the same location next year for sure. The space is an old baking factory from 1904. I think people really enjoy the positive and laid-back vibe here. It’s not about pushing the commercial success, but staying true to the authenticity of our mission,” Funk said.

Presentations about the latest tech and future promise were well attended. Note the Untitled Motorcycles XP Zero mural, and the STILRIDE prototype being revealed for the first time in public. [Tim Adler]
“The Reload Land crew’s goal is to present electric bikes in a very different way and create a new lifestyle around them, which was not really well maintained since we’re mixing both worlds. We’re all petrol-heads. I drive an old ‘60s Dodge wagon and still race flat track. It’s not about taking something away from traditional riders but offering something new and creating a futuristic lifestyle around it, which, I think, is very much needed,” Funk explained. “It’s still tough to sell electric bikes to diehard petrol enthusiasts. But when you create a new community in that niche, it allows people to connect and ride together.”

The Tardigrade by Hookie Co was on view for the first time in Europe: we showed it first at our ADV:Overland exhibit at the Petersen Museum! [Tim Adler]
Kids dig ’em! There was truly something on two wheels for everyone at Reload Land. [Patrice Marker]
A space to enjoy your peers, the pioneers of an electric motorcycle future. [Tim Adler]
Reload Land, The First European Motorcycle Festival – 100% electrified.
From 3-4 June 2023, Reload Land – the first dedicated festival for the electric motorcycle community – will open its doors to the public for the second time in Berlin, Germany. 100 percent electric and curated, Reload Land showcased the best of the world of electric motorcycles, e-scooters, e-bikes and custom rides for a sustainable transport sector. Around 30 exhibitors (BMW Motorrad, Energica, Zero Motorcycles, Hookie, E-Legend, Black Tea, Metorbike, RGNT, Naon, Stilride and more) and up to 3,000 guests are expected.
Over two days the festival offered the perfect mix of exhibitors, panel talks and world premieres as well as test rides in a vibrant location – featuring live music, food and drinks.
Once again, the festival took place at Craftwerk.Berlin (Josef Orlopp Strasse 56, 10365 Berlin) – Europe’s largest motorcycle community garage with over 3,000 square metres of indoor and outdoor space right in the centre of Berlin. [Patricia Sevilla Ciordia]


Stephanie Weaver is the EV Editor at The Vintagent, and a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. When she’s not locked to her laptop, she can be found riding horses and motorcycles.


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