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Run Time: TBD
Producer: Archive Moto
A Film By: Chris Price
Music: Anyone – Keith Kenniff
Key Cast: TBD


a three part documentary series looking at the history board track racing, one of America’s most infamous and sensational sports.

Part 1 of GRIT will be available first for supporters of the Archive Moto Patreon, and later available exclusively on Youtube. To support the project, consider becoming a Patron at


Often conflated with carnival thrill shows and the massive wooden speedways of the 1920s, America’s original timber race tracks, called motordromes, were dangerous and exhilarating saucers where the toughest of the tough went elbow to elbow for a taste of the glory and the gold. For just 5 short years between 1909 and 1914, only 26 of these perilous stadiums were ever built, many having only hosted motorcycle races for a season or two. Still, inside their steeply banked walls, the heroes of a thrilling and often deadly sport captivated the country, cementing a legacy and mythology which continues to sends chills through those that learn about it.


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