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Run Time: 4:00
Producer: Dylan Wineland, Aaron McClintock, Connor Barnes
Director: Dylan Wineland
Cinematography: Dylan Wineland, Connor Barnes
Key Cast: Aaron McClintock


Dylan Wineland is an accomplished DP/Director based out of Salt Lake City, UT. He has traveled the world shooting documentaries and limited series for HBO, Redbull, and the Olympics, and has shot national ads and social pieces for Salesforce, K&N Air filters, BFGoodrich tires and many more. He is known for his ability to tell a range of emotionally driven stories through his striking imagery and thoughtful direction, as well as his uniquely timeless and artistic style. Dylan’s genuine curiosity and love of human experiences guides every project he is a part of, as well as his mastery of his craft.  From heartwarming stories about quadriplegics to visceral motorcycle films, his biggest goal is to move his viewers either through the stories or the visual experience. He believes that if one person can walk away from one of his films wanting to be a better person or to try something new, he has succeeded in what he has set out to do.


Some of the best artists in the world frequently talk about transcendental states of consciousness. These states often lead them to create some of their finest work. Henry David Thoreau talked about accessing the divine by merely being in nature. But are these states of consciousness limited to just painters, writers, and musicians?

By definition, Transcendence means to go beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience. After years and years of talking, philosophizing, and diving so far deep into the question of why we ride motorcycles, we have found ourselves closer to the answer.

This is a film about stepping into yourself through doing something you love. A direct access into the divine. It is about finding that thing in life that will take you to that intangible place, and once found, discovering your truest abilities. It is about creating that bridge from artist to athlete, athlete to artist. It requires a relationship between your state of being, and the thing that you love to do. When you are operating at your highest self, it will translate into your craft, and in return, your craft will take you even further towards the divine. But it starts with you. The motorcycle is just a tool to help you get there. That’s why we ride.


Dylan Wineland
Watch No Dreams Left Behind (2022)



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