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Run Time: 4:56
Artist: Little Simz, Obongjayar
Producer: Elizabeth Doonan
Director: Ebeneza Blanche
Key Cast: Little Simz, Obongjayar


Little Simz fourth studio album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ (2021), an Inflo-produced body of work that sees 19 tracks with additional features from Cleo Sol and Obongjayar. In addition to the release, the Obongjayar-assisted standout, the groovy “Point And Kill,” gets a visual to match. First premiered during a lively set for NPR’s “Tiny Desk (Home)” series, “Point And Kill” sees Simz rapping about her and her loved ones’ prosperity, something that she’ll fight for to no end:

“If I want it, it’s mine, you can’t stop it, hey … family no go suffer, oh, inna my lifetime, dey be fine, do am proper, no lie, lie, give me strength, let me prosper, daddy say he want me to be lawyer, I’ll be doctor, riff raff, kiddi cohn, window shopper, oh, yeah, fine boy, take away auntie, bougie, ah, eleyi, o wa fancy, when I see it, I … point and kill, uh, if I want it, it’s mine, you can’t stop me…”

Directed by Ebeneza Blanche, “Point And Kill” takes place in Nigeria and begins with a less-than-friendly interaction with older women before Simz steps out, hops on the back of a bike, then rides off. She eventually connects with her collaborator, with shots showing them both in a courtyard, in a field with a horse, and at what looks like the coolest afropunk party imaginable. The video ends with Simz holding a machete to a cop whole officers point guns at her and Obongjayar — it’s the perfect re-creation of the now-viral image from the 2013’s film Cristo Rey. – Revolt


In the video, Simz takes a trip to Nigeria, her parents’ homeland, to tour the countryside, encountering a diverse cast of characters, including weightlifting macho men and church-going aunties. The video culminates in a very stylish club scene, seeing Simz and Obongjayar grooving in a small club full of people dressed in retro-chic ensembles. The overall vibe is very Queen & Slim, especially in the closing scene, which finds Simz and Obongjayar surrounded by armed police officers all pointing their guns at him as she defends him with a machete. The video ends on this ambiguous note, giving viewers plenty to ponder — much like many of Simz’s other videos.


Ebeneza Blanche