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Run Time: 2:15:00
Producer: Poonam Sharma
Director: Deepak Balraj Vij
Writer: Deepak Balraj Vij (story), Salim Hyder (screenplay)
Key Cast: Jackie Shroff, Zeba Bakhtiar, Satish Shah, Tinnu Anand


Stuntman is a 1994 Indian Hindi language “Bollywood” film directed by Deepak Balraj Vij and produced by Poonam Sharma. It stars Jackie Shroff and Zeba Bakhtiar in pivotal roles. It is mainly known for its famous song “Amma Dekh Tera Munda.


Wealthy Reena falls in love with her brother’s (Vijay’s) friend, Pune-based Bajrang Tiwari, a motorbike stuntman, much to the chagrin of her widowed mother. When Reena adamantly insists on marrying him, her mother attempts to talk Vijay and Bajrang to stop risking their lives as her husband, as well as Bajrang’s dad had lost their respective lives living dangerously. She even wants Bajrang to live with her, but he refuses. The marriage takes place, and Reena re-locates to live in the slums with her husband. Shortly thereafter she gives birth to a daughter, Guddi. Then their lives are shattered after Vijay is killed, and evidence points to Bajrang. Reena leaves him and moves in with her mother and wants Guddi to also live with her. More surprises and shocks await her when she finds that Bajrang has absconded with Guddi and she may never see her child again.


Watch the FULL FILM on Youtube (subtitles not available anywhere)



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