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INLAND ROAD aka INLANDSVÄG (Swedish) (2021)

Run Time: 26:39
A Film By: Emil Duvander
Key Cast: Emil Duvander, Mathias Löfquist


Emil Duvander is a digital imaging technician that has worked with a number of production houses. Emil grew up in southern Sweden and comes from a family where his father had a lot of interest in cars, motorcycles, and airplanes, but it wasn’t until he got his motorcycle license at 20 years-old that his obsession with bikes took hold, as he saw it as the perfect tool for traveling. His other motorcycle films include, Blue Mountains In The Arctic (2019), and The Polar Circle (2023).


Two friends driving across Sweden on the inland road til it’s not possible to drive any further.

Watch the FULL FILM.


Emil Duvander: YouTube Channel



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