Road Test: 1925 Sunbeam ‘Crocodile’

When invited to ride an ultra rare vintage Grand Prix Sunbeam in a hillclimb in southern Germany, who would say no?…

San Francisco Art Deco Day, 2006

The Legion of Honor Museum of San Francisco held an Art Deco Day parade complete with period 1920s vehicles, which Paul…

Scuderia Ferrari Motorcycles

Scuderia Ferrari raced motorcycles in the 1930s! The team was very successful, taking numerous Italian championships,…

2006 49 Mile Ride, Part 4

The 49 Mile Ride in San Francisco is a vintage motorcycle ride organized by Pete Young, and attracting as many as two…

Welcome to The Vintagent!

Thoughts from 2006 on what TheVintagent is about, from its founder, Paul d'Orleans

Selling Speed: What’s in a Name?

Manufacturers use evocative names to sell motorcycles - the oldest game in the book.

Absolute Speed, Absolute Power Pt. 1

Motorcycle Land Speed Records, 1896 – 1930