Shinya Kimura exhibited three of his remarkable creations at the Legends of the Motorcycle Concours, in the Custom motorcycles section, which I wasn’t a judge for – mine section was the vintage British machinery.  But, the Triumph and Excelsior foundations two of his machines caught my eye – here is someone doing interesting things with vintage engines.  His bikes are wabi-sabi, with all its handiwork visible, and the Triumph ‘Needle’ I found especially interesting, with really slim lines and a futuristic style.  They were displayed beside the usual American choppers, and some unusual ones too – Jesse James’ bikes especially, but I found Shinya’s by far the most intriguing.

Shinya Kimura with his ‘Needle’ custom, and friend [Paul d’Orleans]
There’s a story behind the skeleton; Kiehl’s is a big sponsor of this event, and Susan Towers, a VP, threw a reception two months before the event at Kiehl’s in SF. My wife noted a skeleton on display, and asked Susan if she had any extras, for her school. Susan said yes, then we forgot all about it until the Legends, when suddenly a skeleton was waiting to be wheeled 400 yards from the Kiehl’s booth at the show to our room. Shinya hijacked the prop for some pix; one was published in Old Bike magazine.