Brooklands again, in front of Malcolm Campbell’s workshop, preserved today as a museum of racing machines. Campbell was known for his land speed record ‘Bluebird’ cars and boats. The 1927 Velocette KSS/TT I’m riding is owned by Ken Boulter, a good friend from Chiddingly, seen in the lower photo contemplating the bike the prior day. Ken has an ex-Brooklands Norton racer/ record-breaker with a sidecar inside the museum, which he rides on track days, although his health isn’t so good and this is the only time he rides.

Paul d’Orléans on Ken Boulter’s 1927 Velocette KSS/KTT racer in front of Malcolm Campbell’s workshops at Brooklands. [Ken Boulter]
Ken Boulter with his restored 1927 Velocette KSS/TT racer. [Paul d’Orleans]
[Ed note: Ken Boulter passed away in 2020.  He was a very early member of the VMCC, and restored a great many vintage cars and motorcycles from the 1950s onwards.  He was also part of the first long-term station on Antarctica, and once remarked on the hardships of being isolated for 6 months on ice, ‘Seal meat is delicious, but dog meat is terrible.’]


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