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Run Time: 14:15
Director: Tim Scott
Writer: Cade LiRocchi
Music: Darryl Brenzel


Tim Scott is a Los Angeles based director, producer and editor with a mission to create content from an imaginative perspective that incorporates innovative technique, bold characters and inspiring messages. Tim is always searching for fellow creative minds and amazing individuals to collaborate with to make incredible projects come to life on the screen.


Motorbike Jazz tells the story of a young man named King (Rane Jameson) and his life racing motorcycles out in the wilderness surrounding Las Vegas. King has one problem though, his girlfriend Ruby (Worthy Goodman) has just decided it might be time for them to break up. Will he crash and burn or will he find a way to move on? Set to original jazz music by Darryl Brenzel, Motorbike Jazz tells a familiar tale in a brave new way.