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Run Time: 5:41
A Film by Gestalten


Gestalten TV specializes in developing content for aficionados of cutting-edge visual culture worldwide. The company is best known for the more than three hundred and fifty books we have published that document and forecasting vital design movements.  Since 2007, we produce and deliver beautifully-shot, biweekly film portraits on innovators and leaders who dare to change today’s creative landscape with a bold vision.


With “Captain America”, the custom Harley Davidson from Easy Rider, up for auction on October 18th, the renaissance of the iconic chopper is well and truly here. meets with vintage motorcycle expert Paul d’Orléans aka the Vintagent, the man behind The Chopper: The True Story released by Gestalten, to provide foretaste of what to expect from this bound showcase of the quintessentially American invention. Providing insight into the origins of the chopper and the start of the custom movement, he gives a shout-out to legendary builders and dispels a few myths surrounding this icon of counterculture on the way. Lean back and take a short ride into the American Dream.


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