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Run Time: 6:47
Director: Jay Cagney
Producer: Ryan Stiles
Producer: Jay Cagney
Key Cast: Virginia Hall


Jay Cagney: “I started creating media as a way to share the things I am most passionate about with others. That includes activities like BMX/MTB, skateboarding, snowboarding, motorcycles, and really anything that includes being outside. I worked with Original Skateboards for 6 years creating media for their marketing all over the world and when I left in 2016 I was head of the video department. Since then I have been working freelance which has involved a lot of traveling and great memories. I have also recently relocated from the east coast to Denver.”


Over the past year, I’ve documented Virginia’s creation of this motorcycle. The bike started as a stock ’96 XL1200c, and through many hours of late nights, dirty fingernails and torn gloves, Virginia was able to complete the bike you see her riding today. The bike above covers about 6 months of building from January to June of 2015. Because neither of us had a lot of experience building motorcycles, we pulled knowledge and advice from the people around us, and through lots information online. We’re both happy to see the bike complete, and even more happy to present to you our journey through it.