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Run Time: 8:10
Director: Tom Rochester
Camera and Sound: Tom Rochester
Key Cast: Martin Squires
Artwork: Martin Squires
Still Photography: Matt Bone


Martin Squires has an obsession with motor powered transport. A major part of his practise is sketching at motoring events. The results of a days or weekends sketching then form part of a report that gets posted on his ever growing blog and a regular article in ‘the classic motorcycle magazine’.

This obsession started through a family connection with Morgan Three Wheelers and various British Motorcycles. Combining this obsession with a natural talent for sketching and painting Martin has developed a distinctive style which has evolved through a combination of reportage sketching and studio work.

Martin has a monthly column in ‘The Classic Motorcycle’ called ‘Sketchbook Travels’ which features motorcycle sketches and writing.


A Short Film by Tom Rochester, documenting Martin Squires as he sketches a large scale ink painting for the 30th Anniversary of the National Morotcycle Museum, Birmingham UK.


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