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Run Time: 8:00
Producer: Cabell Hopkins
Director: Cabell Hopkins
Editor: Kevin Palmer
Director of Photography: Ezra Byrne
Camera Operator: Seb Feehan
Camera Operator: Jonathan Hopkins
Camera Operator: Peter Montgomery
Camera Operator: Oliver Englehart
Post Production: Blind Pig
Music: Al Bedard Band
Cast: Stan Dibben


Cabell Hopkins is a film-maker living in London. His main profession is producing TV commercials. He is currently working on his fourth short film. Feel free to get in touch!


This is the story of an 87-year-old man, Stan Dibben, who won the World Sidecar Championships in 1953.

He was the ‘passenger’ riding on the sidecar, and he explains how the word ‘passenger’ is such a misnomer for the bravery and athleticism required to do such a skillful occupation.

We watch footage of his racing days, including the biggest race of the year at The Belgian Grand Prix in Spa in 1953, which he won by a wheel’s length to be crowned world champion. Also a story about joie-de-vivre, Stan gets back on a modern sidecar outfit at the ripe age of 87 and does a few laps to show he’s still got it.



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