Bill’s 1939 Velocette is one of the models in this composition. He uses his own motorcycle collection in his work.

I’ve been awe-struck by Bill Phelps’ photography for years – he evokes something mysterious from motorcycles, and his technique is flawless. He seems to be always telling a story, but there are never enough clues to explain the tale, so the images exist as a fleeting moment in a larger, unknown narrative. He’s said of his work, ‘If I am truly taken with an idea I’ll do whatever it takes to make it come to life.’

Bill’s 1952 Vincent Black Shadow in an altered Midwestern setting

Some of the more unusual ideas must have taken some doing! Not all of his work is based around motorcycles; he does incredible portraiture as well, and other genres.

Bill’s classic BMW R69S and rider

Mark Mederski, curator of the National Motorcycle Museum in Amarosa, Iowa, forwarded the link to Phelps’ gallery in New York, in case you’d like an original. I would! Check out his work at the Robin Rice Gallery.

A Norton Featherbed frame suspended on wires, with a genuine human beneath that second skin
Bill’s 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead
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