The Vintagent Original: Stories We Need to Tell.

NEANDER (2017)

Run Time: 2:30
Executive Producer: Alexander Papstawrou/True Motion Pictures (Berlin)
Producer: Paul d’Orléans / The Vintagent
Editor: Sven Arning
Director of Photography: Sven Arning
Director: Sebastian Schelly
Cast: Paul d’Orléans, Bavaria, 1930 Neander-JAP


True Motion Pictures


What draws a rational person to devote his life to vintage motorcycles?  This 1930 Neander-JAP, designed by the eccentric German genius Ernst Neumann-Neander, provides a perfect talking point for our love of old machinery. This rare Neander uses a JAP v-twin KTCY engine, a racing motor in its day, full of character and a roar like a beast in the woods of Bavaria.

Partnering with True Motion Pictures (Berlin), The Vintagent spent 2 days in May 2016 making this very first effort in The Vintagent Originals series, mixing sound and speed with images and words; magic!

Eternal thanks to the Hockenheim Museum for the loan of this incredible motorcycle!


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