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Run Time: 4:12
Film, Photography & Text: Vít Hašek


Vít Hašek is the founder of 3heads production, an open creative collective.


Being a true Scooterist in Indonesia is not about simply owning a Vespa. It’s a life choice, movement and a political expression. This primarily anti-establishment tribe is hard to believe or even describe… picture muslim punk with a bit Mad Max road gypsy.

Scooterists build 10+ meters long vehicles of scrap found on the streets, or at the thousands of small mechanic shops across the Indonesian archipelago.  Sometimes it’s hard to  believe these can be be driven, and find what was originally a Vespa scooter underneath. Usually only the iconic Vespa front chassis and 2-stroke engine exposed the Vespa origin – they’ve been produced in Indonesia under license since 1967 through early 2000.  They offten double as a mobile (or permanent) home.

Most of the riders coming to the IX. Vespa Rendezvous – as the gatherings is called – traveled for days or even weeks to be a part of massive crowd at Pacitan beach, located on the south coast of Central Java. They are thousands of them, and even if many must beg for food or cigarettes, they never miss the chance to offer you their “amunisi” (ammunition) as they call home-distilled palm wine.

Indonesians have a strong inclination towards competition, and their Vespas are great opportunity to show off. There are no rules, but you can win a Vespa drag race, or present your best modification… more wheels is certainly an advantage!