The Vintagent Selects: A collection of our favorite films by artists around the world.

The Monkey & Her Driver (2016)

Run Time: 23:00
Director: Ned Thanhouser
Producer: Ned Thanhouser
Music: Bitch School
Key Cast: Keandra McDonal
Key Cast: Elizabeth “Betty” Herlocker


Ned is an award winning documentary filmmaker. His latest production THE THANHOUSER STUDIO AND THE BIRTH OF AMERICAN CINEMA film won a Special Jury Award at WorldFest-Houston, won Award of Excellence from the Depth of Field Film Festival, was selected by the NYC Independent Film Festival and the Los Angles Film Review, and was broadcast on Turner Classic Movies in July 2015. Ned is an avid member of the local motorcycle community and has produced several short films about the Alley Sweeper and the Black Dog Dual Sport events.


Kendra and Betty are America’s only all women sidecar road racing team for 2015. This 23 minute documentary profiles these two fearless women who, with their stubborn motorcycle sidecar, demonstrate extraordinary determination and true grit to overcome mechanical gremlins to compete successfully in the Sidecar Racers Association-West racing season.


Ned, Kendra and Betty have graciously shared this film with The Vintagent viewers free of charge. We hope you enjoyed it, and please visit their WEBSITE to support the Fifteen Racing team with a direct donation.  The film is also available for purchase on DVD and download on the website.