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Falcon Kestrel Desert (2010)

Run Time: 8:00
Producer: Falcon Motorcycles
Director: Amaryllis Knight
Editor: Matt Taylor
Director of Photography: Matt Taylor
Key Cast: Ian Barry, The Kestrel
Music: Black Math Horseman


Amaryllis Knight is a seasoned entrepreneur and technology enthusiast dedicated to growing mission-based businesses that innovate for social impact. She is co-founder of Sanghata and The World Bee Project. Knight has created brand strategies and user experiences for multinational companies, including Pirelli. Knight has experienced entrepreneurial success in the technology, media, lifestyle, and impact spaces, having also co-founded Altai Design, Falcon Motorcycles, and numerous award-winning restaurants. Knight’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1998, when alongside Donald Meade, the Chief Scientist at Hughes Electronics Corporation, she established Digital Electronic Cinema, Inc. (now Multi Dimensional Digital LLC). Knight also co-founded Snap It Technologies, Inc. (now Studio One/AfterMaster Audio Labs), an industry leading audio technology company that specializes in the development of proprietary and groundbreaking audio technologies and products.


In 2010, Falcon Motorcycles revealed the incredible Kestrel, still considered one of the most beautiful custom motorcycles ever built.  They also set the bar on ‘builder films’ with this shoot on the dry lakes of Southern California, during the first road test after breaking-in the engine.  Ian Barry broke ‘the ton’ on his creation, paying homage to its Bonneville heritage.


Falcon Kestrel Desert




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