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Run Time: 31:22
Producer: Richard Panera, Pete McGill
Director: Pete McGill
Key Cast: Richie Pan


Pete McGill is a Los Angeles based filmmaker, lighting designer, and motorcycle enthusiast. He has set out to share the stories and personalities that shape the motorcycle culture he loves. His daily rider is a Shovelhead swingarm chopper named White Girl.


Richie ‘Pan’ Panarra was an artist, motorcyclist, and tattooist, who owned Dark Star Tattoos in Toms River, New Jersey. His art was featured monthly in The Horse magazine, and frequently in other magazines, but his enduring popularity spoke more to his humanity than his prodigious talent. The video series ‘Richie Pan’s America’ began as collaboration between Pete McGill and the Richie ‘Pan’ Panarra in April of 2015.  Sadly, after only a few days of shooting, Richie Pan died in a tragic accident.

Using the previously shot footage of Richie (1965-2015), the series was completed as a tribute to him. It contains 15 episodes, the final being ‘Richie Pan Forever’, a short film that gives a glimpse into who Richie Pan was and his impact on the American arts and motorcycle scene.


Watch ‘Richie Pan’s America’ on: Electric Television Vimeo Channel

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