The Vintagent Original: Stories We Need to Tell.

Summer Ride (2017)

Run Time: 1:42
Directed by: David Martinez
Produced by: Motor/Cycle Arts Foundation


For David, photography is both a calculated science and a free verse art form. The controllable variables – the light, the shutter speed, the aperture – are all simply tools to allow the authenticity of a real moment to occur. David captures the beauty and sincerity of these scenes in the pictures he makes. Always at the forefront of technology (but still with a roll of medium format film in his camera bag), David has been shooting high definition video since DSLR technology made it more available. David’ is always ready for an adventure – with his surf bag packed and camera in hand.


The third of David Martinez’ original films for The Vintagent is a mashup of the Wheels+Waves festivals in Biarritz, France, and Cayucos, California.  David finds the common ground of motorcyclists, surfers, skaters, BMX riders from the Atlantic coast of Southern France to the Pacific coast of Southern California.  Without explanation, and no need for one, Martinez seamlessly merges the events, as if time and space were afterthoughts in a continuous stream of Wheels+Waves experiences.  There’s no separation between events as the feeling is the same, and the experience of the participants surpasses barriers of language and geography.  ‘Across the oceans we roll / across the years we ride / changing and constant companions / the sun, our friends, the tide’


David Martinez’ Website

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