Words: Gestalten  Photos: David Ferrua, David Finato, Kristina Fender, David Hans Cooke, Brandon La Joie

We did the Ride thing. It was during the summer of 2012 that we decided to put pen to paper and document the thriving alt-custom motorcycle scene. With Chris Hunter from BikeEXIF at the editorial helm and contributors ranging from Gary Inman, David Edwards, and Kristina Fender to Maxwell Paternoster and Paul d’Orléans, we created our book The Ride: New Custom Motorcycles and Their Builders, which hit shelves in the autumn of 2013. The book’s 320 pages celebrated unique machines, the people behind them, and the lifestyle they inspired. Riding a motorcycle was at an all-time high and, more importantly, the soul of the pastime had been renewed—it was fun again. It’s no longer about soulless, technology-driven progress that leads to transformer-like fairings, dominating electrical assistant systems, and other complicated additions. Two wheels and an engine – that’s what it’s about: The simplicity of the motorcycle speaks to a younger generation, and there is no end in sight.

Walt Siegl with one of his delectable Ducati customs [David Ferrua]
Custom shops that were producing Café Racers, scramblers, bobbers, choppers, street trackers around the world finally came together in one volume, and it only took two years for the book’s successor to be released. The Ride 2nd Gear shone a light on more builders and creators, highlighting one-of-a-kind bikes worldwide, and bonding together like-minded humans from all across the globe. The sequel presented a pool of neverending interpretations for THE perfect motorcycle—and we’re still hungry for more.

The ‘Salt Shaker’ from Holland’s Super Moto Company. [David Finato]
Editor Maximilian Funk will continue the conversation on the evolution of custom bikes in our partnership with The Vintagent. Two wheels move the soul. Ride safe!

Haven’t checked out the books yet? Here is your chance.

El Solitario‘s epic ‘Baula’ BMW custom [Kristina Fender]
Since 1995, German publishing house Gestalten Verlag has produced and championed forward-thinking books from the forefront of visual culture, spanning a range of topics including photography, design, travel, and the custom builders working on wheeled projects: two, four, and more.

The cover of ‘the Ride’ in its first edition: buy it here.
The Ronin Motorcycles ‘Oishi Yoshio’ Pike’s Peak racer
Maxwell Hazan‘s H-D Sportster creation [David Hans Cooke]
Photo by Kristina Fender: Ornamantal Conifer, Maxwell Paternoster, Paul d’Orléans [Kristina Fender]
The Ride: 2nd Gear has two cover options: buy it here.
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