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1 MAP FOR 2 (2014)

Run Time: 1:10:00
DIRECTOR: Roberto Montanari
DIRECTOR: Danilo Caracciolo
PRODUCER: Giusi Santoro
SOUND: Riccardo Nanni
Enric Corallo


This year – 2017 – marks the sixtieth anniversary of the extraordinary world tour by Leopoldo Tartarini and Giorgio Monetti. An epic journey across 5 continents, 35 countries and 4 revolutions.

We want to get the chance to show and share all the unpublished material of this journey. The two protagonists, faced the endeavour with a photo camera, a 16mm film camera and a pocket map of the world where a finger indicated thousands of kilometres.

The idea is to create an EXPLORER COLLECTION a book composed of more than 164 pages containing documents, letters, telegrams, newspaper articles of the time, incredible photos taken in the four corners of the world and everything that the two brought and sent home after this trip which lasted a year.

In addition to the book, the EXPLORER COLLECTION would also include the full version of the 16mm footage of 1957 restored and the movie 1 MAP for 2 also realized thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2013.

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1 MAP FOR 2 is a 70-minute documentary on the extraordinary motorcycle world tour of Tartarini and Monetti of 1957.

The journey, for memories, stories, music and images, will be emblematic of a philosophy of travel and life, of a way of traveling that no longer exists : travel not to reach a destination in the shortest possible time, but simply to experience the journey itself as an experience, where the goal is a secondary fact, a pretext.

Between ’57 and ’58, epochal changes take place in the world, revolutions and coups take place, Russian and American start the race for the conquest of space (Sputnik I and II, Explorer 1), the nuclear submarine Nautilus diving the Arctic ice cap, six European countries sign the EEC Treaty establishing, John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet for the first time in Liverpool and in the United States is published “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. Italy is booming, Fiat launches the first 500, Domenico Modugno launches his “Nel Blu dipinto di Blu” which will become a global success, while surprisingly he is elected to the papal throne Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, Papa Giovanni XXIII.

It is in this context of great transformation that two young Bolognese decide to leave their mark in history by undertaking an unthinkable undertaking for those times, almost like a journey in space on board two motorcycles.

A journey through 5 continents, 35 countries and 4 revolutions, riding  two Ducati 175. An extraordinary insight into the world of that time relives in the story of the two protagonists who faced the company with a camera, a 16mm camera and a pocket map of the world.


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