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Run Time: 1:13:00
Producer: Guerrilla Docs
Director: Randall Wilson
Key Cast: Hessian Animal, Hessian Wild Bill, Hessian Brian


Randall Wilson has directed several documentaries delving into the world of the outlaw biker, including Ride Free Or Die (2019), Sin City Deciples (2019), Choir Boys MC (2010), Wheels Of Soul (2006), American Biker (2005), and Glory Road: The Legacy of the African-American Motorcyclist (2005).


The violent legacy of this hard-riding, hard-partying and hard-fighting outlaw biker club has endured nearly four decades. The Hessians share their personal stories, anecdotes and the history of a club that has been revered and reviled in the annals of motorcycle lore.These hardcore members have survived the lifestyle, the biker wars, law enforcement and the day to day danger of life on the road.


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