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The Delivery (2013)

Run Time: 13:38
Producer: Rafe Pugh, Old Empire Motorcycles
Director: Rafe Pugh, Chris Fergusson
Film & Editing: Chris Fergusson
Key Cast: Rafe Pugh, Dunston Pugh, Daniel Burgess,


“The Trip was an adventure in the broadest sense of the word, we had a tiny window of opportunity to get the bike finished, delivered and film as much of it as we could. This we did successfully, and it was completely worth it for the look on Matt’s face when we got there. Many people say they would do anything for a friend, 2000 miles is not too far to go for our friends, and we proved it.” – King Of Fuel interview


Our first official road trip, traveling from Suffolk to the south of france over 1000 miles delivering the ‘Hunter’ a Honda CB250 Superdream to a good friend and customer.


Chris Fergusson

Old Empire Motorcycles