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Sugar & Spade Morocco (2018)

Run Time: 5:00
Producer: Paul d’Orleans /
Director: Dos Caminos Productions and 27 Transmissions
Music, Original Score: Rocco Deluca, “Friend to the Lonely”


Dos Caminos Productions began in the summer of 2015 with its inaugural film, “Sugar & Spade”. This passion project about two life-long friends was the catalyst that brought Director/Producer-Mark MacInnis, Producer-James Ken Blackmon, and Producer-Wil Thomas III together. These three friends saw the story of a 50-year friendship between Austin ‘Sugar’ Johnson and ‘Spade George’ as the perfect opportunity to utilize their diverse collective talents. With their trajectory set towards shedding light on issues of “social responsibility” and “civil progress”, these three creatives are positioned to move forward and make an impact. As Dos Caminos Productions continues into other projects, they plan on keeping the spirit in which they were formed alive.



“This film has taken me places that I’ve never even dreamt of,” Austin ‘Sugar’ Johnson

What happens after you make a movie?  There’s no telling!   Interest in the film ‘Sugar & Spade’ took the film’s stars and crew all the way to Morocco for a screening, and  The Vintagent sponsored their trip, just to see two old African-American chopper buddies in actual Africa!  This mesmerizing short film is made by the same crew – Dos Caminos Productions and 27 Transmissions – that made the original Sugar & Spade film, and Rocco DeLuca once again provided a beautiful score, “Friend to the Lonely”.  This film is as simple as can be, but you can feel the depth of emotion in the narrative by Austin ‘Sugar’ Johnson and ‘Spade George’, and Rocco’s music.





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