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Hunt for The Wild – The Trans Euro Trail Adventure  (2018)

Run Time: 28:47
A film by: Greg Villalobos


Having spent the best part of a year helping to build the Trans Euro Trail website and marketing media, I finally found time to actually go ride a small section of this 42,000km route. This film was made partly as promotion for the TET as well as a test and marketing for the newly released Adventure Spec clothing range. It was also quite a lot of fun!

Greg Villalobos is not only a filmmaker, but a BAFTA award-winning brand builder too. In 2004 Greg co-founded a digital agency in London, but since left London for North East Britain to help smaller organizations communicate their brands. As an outdoors and bike enthusiast, Greg tells stories through his experiences and the experiences of those around him.


The Trans Euro Trail is a 38,000km dirt bike route through Europe. It traverses mountains, crosses rivers, descends gorges and generally winds its way through some of the wildest that Europe has to offer. It also goes through Holland and Belgium. With only one week on the dirt road, would Greg and his gang in the UK be able to find the wilderness they are hunting…?



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