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Run Time: 1:21:00
A film by: DeVaughn Hughson


As a filmmaker my goal is to tell stories that move the viewer in unexpected ways. I am personally drawn to stories that present bigger then life characters and then dig deeper into the persona. These stylistic choices can be found in the Outcast story where we reveal layers of complicated identities and a complex surrogate family structure.


In 1969 a group of rebellious black bikers decided that freedom, non conformity and brotherhood were not exclusive to whites only. At the time (and still today) blacks were not permitted to join white outlaw biker clubs, so out of necessity the Outcast M.C. was born.

This documentary is an in depth look into their world and the unapologetic lifestyle they live. Filmed over the course of six years, Outcast Forever is a raw visual exploration that rips through the mystique and presents a unfiltered experience of a subculture within a subculture.



Watch the full film on VIMEO

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