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Morto’s Motos (2019)

Run Time: 3:32

A film By: Matthew Edgar & Mike Jacobs (A Life Authentik)
Sound Design & Music By: Jackson Roe
Thanks to: Neil Morto Olson & Gina Olson


A Life Authentik in its most simple form encompasses two people on a photographic and cinematic road trip from Alaska to Patagonia. We founded ALA in an attempt to merge two passions into one lifestyle: photography and travel.


Sometimes we meet incredible people on the road who let us share their story. Mort is one of those people.
Having just started a multi-year road trip, we met Morto at a Brewery in Montana. Within 20 minutes of talking to him he handed me the keys to his Royal Enfield and told me to take a spin!

For a few days, we were lucky enough to hang out with him and check out his motorcycles. “Morto’s Motos” is a glimpse into the life and home of an avid collector with a passion for motorcycles.


A Life Authentik