The EICMA Edition

It’s been a busy, EICMA week of wild and wonderful e-revelations, from the eagerly anticipated Kymco RevoNEX, to the unexpected electric innovations of CAKE, UBCO and NIU. Added to that are newcomers to electric avenue, SEAT and Kawasaki. Last but definitely not least is a lovely and lithe vintage-inspired Indie Gogo project, The Capri.

CAKE Is The Cherry Topping Functional EV Designs 

The do-everything electric ute, CAKE’s ÖSE can be converted to multiple applications. [CAKE]

“And the winner is….” Swedish motor-vehicle innovator, CAKE, dedicated to exploring all the possibilities of what a two-wheeled EVs can be. The ÖSE light and ÖSE+ are the latest members of CAKE’s fleet of “light electric motorbikes”, and are conceived as more than just a way to get to where you’re going, they’re also light-duty haulers and portable workstations.

TheÖSE+ is rated as a 125cc motorcycle, and requires a license and helmet to ride, but has a 60mph top speed. [CAKE]
The ÖSE is named after CAKE’s chief craftsman, who has contributed to their efforts by being useful in a thousand ways, from building jump ramps to general fabrication handywork. The ÖSE honors labor in name and construction, being a true ‘ute’ motorcycle, whose frame is a essentially a workbench, to which anything can be clamped, and supports added for a stable surface. It’s also a power station, as the battery can be used to power anything electric, even in areas with no electricity.


Designed with almost any profession in mind, the ÖSE’s simple, functional frame is a platform that can be configured for a variety of needs, without compromising the design. Both models have the same carrying capacity, modular options and battery strength selection. The difference between these cheeky little utes? The Ösa Lite is legally considered a moped, and the Ösa+ is considered the equivalent of a 125cc motorcycle. Check out what they can do in their promo video:

The ÖSE light with its moped rating will retail for $6500, while the ÖSE+ with its motorcycle functionality will sell for $8500.  In keeping with CAKE’s reputation for clean design, the ÖSE is extremely simple and functional, but charming, and we find the motorcycle-as-utility platform is an attractive concept.

UBCO Gets Dirty and Dandy

The UBCO X 3 Wise Men collab, a bespoke upgrade of this New Zealand ute. [UBCO]
First up is the super-slick Kiwi collaboration between UBCO and menswear purveyors, 3 Wise Men. This edition can be dressed for ultimate success by customizing bike parts to match your riding gear.

Not content to simply be stylish, this classy chassis is headed in two very different directions – off road and on parade. The fifth-generation UBCO 2x2ADV is an all-wheel drive adventure moped that is street legal in the US, Europe, Australia and its country of birth: New Zealand. The 2.4kWh battery generates 31 mph, with a potential range of 75 miles per charge.

The 2×2 ute ATV in its native New Zealand landscape. [UBCO]
Next is the worker: the 2x2WK-equipped for battle against the elements with less delicate components, all-terrain tires and bark busters.

The FRX1 off-road bicycle, a collaboration with Lithuanian brand Neematic. [UBCO]
On the lighter side of riding, UBCO introduced a different kind of co-pro – an all-terrain electric bicycle developed with Lithuanian-based Neematic called the FRX1. Part pedal, part power, this super-speed machine should probably stay on the hills and mountains, since it’s capable of reaching 50 mph. Meant to draw in the reluctant motocross convert, this e-machine is sure to surprise a manual operator.

NIU Continues To Add Value

The NIU escooter, the NQiGT Pro. [NIU]
 The popular and successful smart e-scooter manufacturer continues to release new and improved versions of its industry-leading lighter, long-lasting lithium-ion battery-powered urban movers. “By the end of the second quarter on June 30th 2019, NIU has sold more than 810,000 scooters worldwide and accumulated 3 billion kilometers rider mileage across 34 countries since its launch in 2014.” The MQiGT, NQiGT Pro, and UQiGT Pro are radical evolutions of the existing award-winning smart scooters that have improved ranges and higher top-speeds, like the NQiGT which has a Bosch 3000W rear hub motor that can reach 44mph for 44 miles.

Cute and sporty, NIU claims to have sold over 800,000 escooters. [NIU]
The other modes, and other bikes offer lower speeds, but with longer ranges, all perfectly suited to the urban traveler, and all still smart-phone enabled to provide navigation, ride assists and data feedback used by NIU to continually improve on their designs. (picture of NIU bicycle) There’s also a bicycle: the Aero EB-01, which is described as featuring “removable 48V21Ah lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged in an estimated 4-5 hours.”

Kymco RevoNEX Surprises

Korean brand Kymco at EICMA with their RevoNEX sportsbike. [Kymco]
This is what people wanted, according to Kymco: a 6-speed manual gearbox with lots of power -from 50 mph in first up to 120 mph in 6th. Also featured are launch control – which is likely a requirement for a bike that can get from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds. Still to come is information about the motor that inhabits this more-like-a-motorcycle “maxi scooter” and the final price.

The choice of a gearbox connected to an ebike is a rare one, as electric motors have sufficient torque at all revs to make a gearbox irrelevant, but also makes the maximum speed of the motorcycle dependent on the rev limit of the electric motor, combined with the ‘gear ratio’ between a mid-mount engine and the rear wheel…unless the bike has hub motors, in which case wheel diameter is the only way to adjust maximum speed.  But a 6-speed gearbox on an ebike?  Very rare.

The Electric SEAT 

The seat of the SEAT. [SEAT]
What happens when you pair an automaker with an e-bike maker? In the case of the partnership between fellow Spaniards, automaker SEAT and ebike maker Silence, the result is a brand new 125cc-class escooter. Confused? They aren’t. SEAT is a member of the Volkswagen Group, and the development of this electric motorcycle is part of their overall dedication to ‘democratizing urban mobility.’ Their electrification strategy includes the SEAT Minimó concept car, as well as the eXS Kickscooter, a collaboration with Segway that was presented at the 2018 Smart City Expo. They’ve set the SEAT e-scooter to launch at the this year’s Smart City Expo World Congress, to be held on November 19th, 2019 in Barcelona – the European city that boasts the highest number of motorcycles per capita. Which is where Silence resides. The SEAT e-scooter will be available to private customers, as well as for app-based ride-sharing services.

Kawasaki Takes a Crack

The naked truth: Kawasaki is developing an electric motorcycle. [Kawasaki]
 It won’t be available until 2021, at the earliest, but the Kawasaki is finally throwing its hat into the electric bike ring. The Japanese manufacturer previewed a design at EICMA, and featured interviews with the CEO and several engineers. Racetrack footage and shop shots show off the super charged technology and design of this sportbike prototype. Most notable are the foot controls that suggest a gear system and the thumb controls.

If you can’t wait until the next decade for a Kawasaki-branded electric, they do have an electric bicycle ready to hit the market:

Team green! The Kawasaki electric mountain bike. EMTB’s are the biggest-selling sector of off-road bicycles. [Kawasaki]
It’s a pedal assist design, with a graceful frame incorporating the battery, the motor at the crank, and suspension on both wheels, with disc brakes.  How bicycles have become like motorcycles!

Capri Vintage-Inspired Electric Bikes Aren’t What They Appear

The light and elegant Capri line of electric-boost bicycles has a vintage vibe. [Capri]
Upon first glance, and second, and, well…until you’re told, it’s near impossible to tell that these delicate creations are powered by anything other than pedals. That’s because the ultra-light 6.8Ah battery is cleverly concealed as a water bottle! The power train is controlled by a rear-hub mounted 250W motor with an intelligent controller that can, in seventh gear with some pedal assistance, can reach 15.5mph for 25 miles.

There are details that give these bikes a legitimate 70’s feel, such as the colour options: Pacific Blue, Jungle Green, Meltin Silver, Space Blue and Black, the two variations – the Metz, with its top tube frame, and the Azur, which has a retro-style mixte frame, and the leather Brooks seat. Also included are nods to our time – such as the vegan leather option,  and it’s electric. Want one? This is the best time. The European company, which has delivered more than 20,000 bicycles over a 10 year period, is still in the fundraising stages, so these 35lb high-performance electric bikes are available for $1,219 (regular price is $2,103) and the Azur for $1,419 ($2,437).